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Why do my eyes hurt

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Eye discomfort can be caused by allergens, bacterial infections, injury or trauma, warm blowing air or tobacco smoke. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-my-eyes-hurt ]
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Sometimes I get a pain when I look up at the sun. It's like pain BEHIND my eyes. Is yours that way? I don't spend enough time outside. I have chronic pain and I'm on oxygen. The reason I tell you this, is I'm wondering if you also stay i...
Yes, my eyes hurt, but I know that it is becomes sometimes I overuse them. As we all know anything that is exaggerated is not good specially when it comes to our body usually the eyes. I start my work at seven in the morning then I finish u...
Why don't you see a doctor? Maybe you need new glasses... Have you started wearing glasses recently? That usually happens when you need new ones or when you're still getting used to wearing glasses... I'd say see a doctor anyways.

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Why do my eyes hurt when a fan is blowing?
Q: When a fan's blowing in my face, my eyes get a sort of heavy feeling and they start to hurt after a while. What's this called and why does this happen?
A: If it is sort of a burning sensation, it is dry eyes. You are probably borderline dry so you might want to get something just in case. There are several eye drop medications you can get for dry eyes. Until you get one of them, flush your eyes with lukewarm water.
Why do my eyes hurt when I get on the computer to long?
Q: Like why I use the computer alot my eyes start to hurt and burn why?To like make it worst I have 3 computer classes at school and then I go home and get on mine. So like what can I do to get rid of the redness.
A: Not blinking...that would explain why my contacts get so messed up!Eyestrain is another.I have a friend who had perfect eyesight, but now needs glasses...only for computer use...because she is at it so long every day for work.Computers aren't so good for your eyes. Plain and simple...try to limit yourself.
Why do my eyes hurt while wearing sunglasses?
Q: Everytime i put on a pair of sunglasses, they hurt my eyes. Does anyone know why?
A: because they're shiny

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