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What is the average time for running 1 mile

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The average mile is run in about 7 - 12 minutes. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-average-time-for-running-1-mile ]
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What is the average time for a 16 year old girl in a 1 mile run??
I am not that sure right now but I'm 12 years old and my mile time was 7 minutes 42 seconds. That's the average for my age so for your age somewhere around the 7 or 8 minutes is perfectly fine. Anywhere higher then that can be a sign of mor...
What is an average time for a high school sophomore running a 5 k...?
A 21:56 as a freshman is a very respectible time! In 9th grade I was only running ~24:00 for a 5k. By senior year I had dropped that to ~19:30. There are several factors that contribute to your 5k time. ・ 1. What size school do you go to?...
What is the average 11 year old girls running time for 1 mile??
Around 14 minutes to run a mile but that depends on your breathing and weight

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what is the average running mile time for a 12 yr old girl?
Q: i ran the mile once a week and my most recent time was 10.56 ..is that good? 1. is 11.56 good for a 12 yr old girl?2. what is the average time?3. where can i find a average mile running chart off the computer? i tried searching already but it didnt work.4.how can i improve more? thank you for helping me... if there is anything else you think i need to know plrz tell me..
A: Well, when I was a 7th grade boy and 12, my mile time was 6:02. That time also beats the crap out of other people who tried the mile.
Average time for 1 mile run for a 13 year old girl?
Q: I play competitive soccer and I need to pick up my endurance and speed so to start privately training me in speed I need to know the average and ABOVE average for my stats. Btw I have a lot of muscle so it takes up All so of my weightOk so here are my personal stats: Age: 13 almost 14Height: 5'1 or 5'2Weight: 121I haven't tested how much I can run yet...BUT I need to know THE ABOVE/AVERAGE time in 1 MILE so I can get there or stay the same. ALSO IF YOU KNOW ANY GOOD DRILLS TO BUILD SPEED AND ENDURANCE LET ME KNOW!Thank you! :D
A: Average doesn't matter. What matters is what YOU can do. Go to the track and do a time trial. Then you have a basis to set goals for improvement.
What is the average time it should take for a 21 yr old male to run 1 Mile?
Q: Just wondering, I ran mine today in 9:30, but I am not sure what the average or goal is. Thanks!
A: Well, to give you an estimate; i've been running three times a weeks now for a little over a year and i can do a mile in 6:46. When i started i wasn't able to run a mile at all. So i'd say if you ran a 9:30 mile without training - that's pretty good! My Men'sHealth exercise book says that "you're in great shape if you can run 1.5 miles in 9:45 or less;" that's at least a 6:30 pace! But i think, for a healthy active person (not an athlete) a 10 minute mile is good. If you want a goal, then slowly work your way to running continuously for 30 minutes at a pace you can reasonably withstand, over time you'll see your pace increase. Then enter a few road races (5Ks, etc.) - they're lots of fun. See http://www.runnersworld.com for more information on running.

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