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How many miles does the average person walk in a year

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No one has calculated how many miles the average person walks in a year because the numbers vary so intensely. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-miles-does-the-average-person-walk-in-a-year ]
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How many miles does the average American walk a year??
Well. It depends on the person. Some people exercise daily while others weekly, and even others rarely are spotted outside.
How far does an average person walk?
The average person walks an average of 184,000 km during their lifetime.
What is the average number of miles a person walks in their life??
With the obesity epidemic receiving so much attention , lots of folks are talking the exercise talk. But how many are walking the walk ? Picking through web sites that highlight trivia and " fun facts ," we found mucho stats on ...

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How long would it take for an average 17 year old to WALK one mile?
Q: i know it depends on the speed the person is walking, the weather, what they are wearing, blah blah blah. I just want a general round-a-bout answer. Just curious, you see.
A: You can walk about 3-4 miles per hour. That would mean it would take around 15-20 minutes to walk a mile.
What the most hard to believe face that u know?
Q: hey leave me a comment if u have a strange, or just totally hard to believe face that us humans do so something like i heard that the average person walks 4 miles making their bed every year, now idk if that's true or not but yea, leave me a comment, the one that is the coolest or whatever i will choose as the best answer*FACT* not face im sorry everyonewhats the most hard to believe FACT is what i ment everyone
A: A minimum of 15% of all Americans are functionally illiterate, meaning that they can read a STOP sign, or sign their name and do basic math, but they could not read a newspaper or understand complex concepts.Explains a lot, doesn't it?Taoist/Atheist
What do you think of this Federal Goverment Study?
Q: A 2006 Federal Goverment Study found that the average person walks about 900 miles per year. Another study found that the average person drinks an averageof 22 gallons of beer a year.Does that mean that on the average we get 41 miles to the gallon ?Okay, so I'm getting tired. Give me a break ! (lol)
A: Girl, just had to sneak in for one...thanks I needed a laugh. I figure that since I do not drink beer but I do like Mexican food...I shall NEVER run low on gas. OK I am tired also but thanks for the chuckle. At my age I figure I am a RollsHarleyKen...Rolls down one hill, hardlin kin get up the next...take care and hugs. AldaYou get a bunny for that question...(\__/)(='.=)(")_(")

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