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How do you pop your shoulder

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Avoid popping your shoulder!Even if it feels like it needs to be popped, don't do it. Each time you let it pop, it makes it easier for it to happen the next time(just like blowing up a balloon repetitively makes it easier on each successive occasion) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-pop-your-shoulder ]
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Why does my shoulder 'pop'?
Most likely, the gas in your shoulder is unable to escape, thus increasing the pressure which can cut of the nerves around your shoulder. It could also be dislocated. If it continues to bother you, you should go see a specialist.
Why does my shoulder pop when I move it?
The shoulder sometimes makes noises and feels like it is clicking with movement. This typically due to scar tissue formation, lack of stability in the joint, rubbing of inflamed tissues or degenerative changes. Unless the noises are painful...
How do i pop my shoulder back in to place?
If it keeps happening I'd try going to surgery but I wouldn't mess with is because you could strain it or misplace it and make it even worse. But if you must I found this page that may help http://www.ctds.info/shoulder_popping.html

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Is it normal for your shoulder to pop out, and then pop back in?
Q: This never happened to me before until yesterday. I hurt that shoulder a bit years ago (maybe 3 or 4 years ago) lifting weights. Since then it has been a bit creaky, and not as loose as my right shoulder. So yesterday messing around, I jumped up to touch the ceiling and I felt something pop in my left shoulder. I moved it around a little, it hurt like hell and I felt another pop. Today it feels a little sore when I move it, but nothing unbearable.It's a little sore but It really doesn't even feel bad. How do they usually fix this thing. Urgh, I kinda hate going to the doctor but I guess I'll have to make an appointment ASAP.
A: Sounds like a shoulder subluxation which is not normal. You should see an orthopedic doctor to assess your shoulder if this happens again. This could have been a case of just an accidental injury that won't happen again, but more likely is that your shoulder has some instability. Physical therapy would help to stabilize your shoulder by working on the strength of your rotator cuff muscles and scapular muscles. For now, take it easy but keep it moving for 3-4 weeks to allow it to heal.
What causes your shoulder joints to pop?
Q: I am 47, have osteopenia and I am overweight. I have started a weight lifting and heathly eating program to try to regain a healthier body.
A: Sometimes it's just what's called shoulder instability.This is a weak rotator cuff system or overstretched connective tissue.Sometimes it is just cased by neglect but other factors that may cause this are injuries such as dislocation or subluxation.Doing exercises such as presses over your head,bench press or pull downs can put this joint at risk because of the way the joint is put together.Try backing off on any or all of these lifts and perform a number of rotator cuff exercises.
What causes your shoulder bones/joints to pop????
Q: My right shoulder is always popping and the left one never does. It doesn't bother me, it actually feels good, but I was just wondering what causes it to do that, especially when the other one doesn't??? Could there be something wrong with that bone?
A: no actually it is very comon in most cases it is nothing more then an air pocket between the joint .Howerver I don't your age or medical history as that could create some other condition such as osteoarthritis ,trauma ,spasm ect. .you can go on line to web md for more info .I am a medic at a ER. trauma center and I reley on this site sometimes myself . Ihope this was of some help and may GOD bless you

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