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When do pregnant woman get milk in the breast

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Women begin milk production within 72 hrs of delivering a baby, however, milk ducts start swelling in the first month of pregnancy [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-do-pregnant-woman-get-milk-in-the-breast ]
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Can a woman get milk from her breast if she is not pregnant??
No... your milk only come in after delivery of a baby. There may be some medical way to get milk to come in though besides physically delivering a baby. I have heard that some parents who adopt can produce milk for their babies somehow with...
Is it possible to get milk in a woman's breast without her pregna...?
Only pregnancy can cause the final development that permits milk production. Endocrine (Hormonal) Control of Milk Synthesis -- Lactogenesis I & II Milk production doesn’t start out as a supply and demand process. During pregnancy and th...
How long does it take for a woman to develope breast milk when sh...?
Milk only appears after the baby is born. Sometimes a woman can have colostrum leaking from her breasts by the eighth or ninth month or pregnancy. It's not milk, but pre-milk, which is very nutritious for the newborn baby.

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When do pregnant woman start developing breast milk?
A: Breastmilk begins to produce after birth on or around the 3rd or 4th day. When a woman is pregnant they produce colustrum until after birth and the first few days of feeding is when baby gets the colustrum.
When does a pregnant woman develop breast milk?
A: Usually during the last trimester. When I was pregnant with my first son I would leak while I was asleep. With the second son I didn't leak but milk would come out if I squeezed my nipple.
Can a pregnant woman's breast squirt out milk when her heart were shock with a defibrillator?
Q: Pregnant women also might had a sudden cardiac arrest.Is the milk squirting thing really true?
A: Actually, many people are misinformed about pregnant women having breast milk. A woman doesnt get breastmilk until about 3 days after she gives birth, which is called engorment when her milk comes in. Women do produce something called Colostrum, which is a pre-milk protein. However, this usually doesnt appear until the last few weeks of pregnancy, and many first time mothers dont get it until after the baby is born.

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