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What is the youngest girl to start her period

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In 1934, 8-month-old Lina Medina began her period; in 1938 she had a baby at the age of 5. They first thought the baby was a tumor [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-youngest-girl-to-start-her-period ]
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How young can a girl be to start their period??
I didn't get mine till 14, but I had friend get hers as early as the 3rd grade.
Why do young girls WANT their period to start so bad??
Well, I don't know about all young girls, but for me it was the insecurity. I felt that when I got my period, I'd be more confident, more of a woman. (I also hoped my breasts would grow, but shh) It was that want of acceptance. Also, when m...
Should young girls be given a contraceptive implant as soon as th...?
I agree with you... they should all be sterilized since they are incapable of self control. It tends to be genetic. Maybe sterilize them at birth to be on the safe side. I'm also in favor of wiring their mouth shut so they won't consume any...

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What age does a young girl start her period?
Q: What age does a young girl start her period?
A: Between 11 and 15
What is the earliest age a girl can start her period?
Q: i was wondering at what is the earliest age a girl can start her period? i have a 8 almost 9 year old daughter and she told me one of her friends that is same age as her started her period. i want to know if it is possible for girls that young to start? i want to be ready for my daughter.
A: one of my friends got their period when they were 8 but most girls get them when they are 11 or 12
When a young girl starts her period, what are the usual symptoms?
Q: It was so long ago for me i have no memory of what i felt like then. She (my daughter) is complaining of an uncormforatble tummy ache which she has had for a couple of days. I'm taking her to the docs monday but i was just wondering if it could be the start of her periods. Does anyone have a child of similar age(11) to give some advice?
A: Well, when I started 4 years ago I wasn't experiencing much then near 12 midnight I had a huge cramp and so I wasn't expecting it but then I check my under ware and tada there was my period. I hated that night. I couldn't sleep for hours luckily it was on Christmas break and I didn't have school. I started on new years lol. I will never forget it. But about your daughter having stomach pains, my friend who is 12 just started hers last Sunday and I remember one day when she was 11 and I went over there, she said she had the worst stomach pains for the past 3 days with no eating, nothing. Her mother and I talked and said she could start any time. A month went by and she started. So yes it could be a symptom. By the way, when I started mine for the first time I was so scared didn't know what to do, I didn't have my mom to ask anything because she passed early that year (2004) and I got mine on Dec 31st 2004 at 11:38 -Sadye (age 15)

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