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What happens if you use cocaine while pregnant

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Cocaine use during pregnancy can result in: prematurity, lower birth weight, shorter, smaller head circumference..Text for more. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-you-use-cocaine-while-pregnant ]
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What happens to you and your baby if you use cocaine while you ar...?
Using cocaine while pregnant may cause many medical problems for your unborn baby. Your baby's brain, heart, stomach and bowels may not grow or develop correctly. Pregnant women who use cocaine are more likely to miscarry (lose) their baby,...
What is cocaine use once while pregnant?
cocaine use once while pregnant relaxes muscles and increases blood flow to particular areas of the body. cocaine use once while pregnant under the name cocaine use once while pregnant is used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) in me...

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Overweight+Pregnant+Drug Use= BIG Problem?
Q: I just found out I'm pregnant with my second child! I had my first when I was fifteen and wasn't ready to deal with that responsiblity so, my mother adopted him. Sad, but you gotta do what you gotta do. After I had my first I gained a lot of weight. Now I'm 5"3 weighing 300+ ((I'm not too sure how much exactly.)) I also have recreationally used drugs in the past two months. Just marijuana and maybe cocaine...I'm pretty sure I didn't while I was pregnant but to be safe...let's say it did. I am six weeks pregnant. How much of a risk is my baby at being overweight, pregnant and have smoked marijuana? I had no plans of getting pregnant but that's what happened. I'm so full of regret that I used drugs so please don't beat me up over it! Thank you for your responses!I also wanted to add I am not a drug user. I do every once in a while but I'm not going to do it anymore. I am twenty-two years old and I'm married.
A: These risks aren't for us on Y! Answers to determine. Your weight and drug use do seem they would be a problem but ask a doctor. Maybe he/she can get you on a diet and/or treatment for your weight. I really don't know on this one. Congratulations!
pregnant..father was doing drugs?
Q: I found out i was pregnant and my husband freaked about it. I just found out the real reason why. I was cleaning out his pants for laundry and I found some type of glass pipe. I knew right away it was drugs. I put it in a plastic baggy and showed my sister. She said it was a crack pipe. I cant even believe it. My HUSBAND is doing drugs. In OUR house. By OUR daughter. And i had no idea. I feel so stupid. He just admitted to doing cocaine and meth. Apparently hes been doing cocaine for a quite a while and meth the past couple months. Well im 5 weeks pregnant. I have my doctors appointment tomorrow morning. But I am SO scared. What if something is wrong with my baby? I tried searching the internet but its all about if the women does it. I have never even SEEN that stuff. I dont even know this man im married to. He said its cause of where he works. He is in the music industry. That is no excuse. Is my baby going to be okay? what are the chances of something going wrong. What COULD happen?
A: I have a lot of friends who's babys fathers did drugs around the time of conception and they are fine. As long as you dont do them you and your little one are fine. Make an appt with your doc and discuss your concerns. I'm sorry to hear about your husband. Both my husband and I have struggled with substance abuse and it's a very hard battle. My husband with meth and me with heroin and whatever else. Your husband needs to make a choice, either get clean or don't. If he chooses the first it will be a long but rewarding road of treatment and meetings. If he chooses the latter maybe you guys should be separated. Its one thing to throw his own life down the drain but you don't have to join him on that journey. Whatever happens I wish you the best. My heart is with you and congratulations on the little one!
Weird question?
Q: I am 28 weeks pregnant and drinking a Coke right now. At one time, the drug cocaine was put in coke. Although small traces, it was enough to cause an addiction. Did anything happen to the children of the mothers who drank Coke while pregnant, back when it contained cocaine?
A: wow that's pretty cool a history gal. Well Cocaine is actually the worse drug you can have in your system while pregnant. Amazing right? Women would smoke while pregnant, drink while pregnant, and they even took opium to calm their nerves so I would expect they drank coke as well and probably had some children who survived. But you also have to realize you could only get Coke at the drugstore, and it was usually a special thing to get soda and things so the amount was probably never enough from day to day.

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