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What does it mean when a girl gets her period twice in one month

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There could be a number of reasons especially if she just started having periods. She should contact a nurse line for assistance. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-a-girl-gets-her-period-twice-in-one-month ]
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When Should A Girl Have Her Period?
If a girl does not have her first period by the time she is 16 years old that is reason for concern and should be checked out by a doctor to see what could be going on. I am also going to give you the link to a site that may help you find m...
Can girls get there period twice in a month?
Yes...it happens all the time! Menstrual cycles vary from woman to woman. Typically, they are around 28 days...so, say you have your period on the 1st of the month. If you're "typical" and your peiod is regular, you will have it a...

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What does it mean when you get your period twice a month but arent regulating?
Q: Is that normal?Is that a problem with the ovaries or what?Could that lead to removal of the ovaries?Could it mean the woman has reproducting organs problems?Is it hormonal problems?Thanks in advance.Remember the question said if the girl is not regulating so no answers saying oh that means the girl is just regulating.
A: I had this problem and it just kept getting worse. It caused me to have fertility issues. Go to the gyne asap. And I'll give you some womanly advice,,,,, Dont ever remove your ovaries and/or uterus. No matter how bad it gets. I did and I regret it. Unless you are over 45 or already have at least three kids. Medicine keeps getting better and so do treatment options.
Can a girl get her period twice in a month, meaning a week apart?
Q: I am extremely concerned with what's going with my body right now, I just had my period two weeks ago and now i think i have it again. I know this is too much info right here, but me and my bf had sexual intercourse the other day, but we used this VCF thing instead of a condom, well now I'm pain and bleeding, I'm so confused of what to do or whats going onPlease help me.I can't go to a doctor, I dont have insurance.Well its not my first time either, it was the first time not using a condom and using the VCF birth control.And I usually get my period every month, i do sometimes however skip a month every yearMe and my boyfriend have been together for a year and half, so he knows exactly whats going on. we chose to use the VCF instead of the condoms cause the condoms hurt me really badly. For some reason whenever we have sex, it hurts me a lot. I got a bladder infection b/c of the condoms and now the VCF is getting me worried.
A: Are you positive the bladder infecion was from the condom?or just bad luck mabe something else?OK OK I'm here to help. I looked up side effects to the VCF. you may have one of them says they are rare. burning iching inflamaion and some pain..and white discharge . Is says to discontinue use and see a doctor if it continues. I also want to say that i think condoms will feel better for you when used with a water based lubricant that can be used with them.(read the label) you may have a allergy to the condoms if you do it says you can use a plastic polyurethane condom instead.( this is hypoallergetic) or a natural lambskin condom worn over the regular condom.also hypoallergetic this will prevent the chemical lubricants from irraitating you. I think I remember that the condoms did this to me to now. The water based lubricants they have today don't irriatate.only help. They also make lubricant with spermicide in them to kill the sperm. I wouldn't trust just this product alone but along with birthcontrol you should be okay. jsut read labels and make sure all are compatableAs for it hurting when you have sex mabe you should try a different positon.along with lubricant and natural condoms. Some positions can rub the wrong way and cause pain. irritation. If your boyfriend doesnt know it hurts you tell him and maybe he can go slower and easier for a while. He wont want to hurt you and he will be more likely to ask how you are feeling during sex.If you feel irritated dowm there try something different.Otherwise you are making the problem worse. Dont be shy talk and you will both have more fun..hummm I have also experienced multiple periods in a month before. Its just irregularity in your hormones. birth control can help. I really think it is because you had intercourse.maybe it was the VCF. I have never tried it.. Our bodies need time to adjust to new things and you may have a side effect. calm down relax. you are okay.. Follow your gut. I suggest using more than one method of birth control. Go to the doctor if you think there is something wrong. follow your GUT. If it doesnt get better or feel better real soon .Go to doc.. they will help you even with no insurance. Planned parenthood could be a idea as most services are pretty affordable if not free or so i heard. any other ?'s mail or ask good luck
do u what it means when a girl gets a period twice a month???
Q: hey well i got my last period the 3rd of this month and it came off around the 9 and now today i was bleeding something black and now its blood just like if i got my period. i heard i could only get my period once a month so can someone plz tell me anything they know about this??? and well i do have cramps but its not that bad at least not as bad as when i get my normal period. plz help, thank u!
A: There can be many reasons for this. Hormone changes, stress, lifestyle changes or even a serious condition like endometriosis or uterine polyps. If this persists you may want to go see a doctor about it.

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