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What does it mean if you have your period twice in one month

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Sometimes women can just be irregular. You should see a doctor though because it can be something pertaining to your ovaries. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-you-have-your-period-twice-in-one-month ]
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What does it mean if you have your period twice in one month??
You may be pregnant. I think you should go see the doctor in any case.
Does it mean anything if you have your period twice in one month??
well you probably recently got your period, (maybe not idk it was just a guess) but usually your cycle isnt regular until after a few years. When i got my first period, i got my next one 2 weeks later, but then i kind of evened out. But if ...
What does it mean to get your period twice in one month for teens...?
You could have a medical condition that might be going on. You should consider going to the doctor because its not normal.

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What does it mean when you get your period twice in one month?
Q: I had my period about two weeks ago and have it again, and the whole nine yards of cramps, bloating, etc. My period tends to be irregular, though I do get it every month, usually 2-4 days off schedule. I had my period last month, so what could this mean? Any answers would be GREATLY appreciated.
A: Periods that are too frequent (more often than every 28 days also called "metrorrhagia") can be related to several predisposing factors:If the periods are otherwise normal, then a short "luteal phase" or insufficient ovarian production of progesterone may be responsible. If the periods are inconsistent, then failure to ovulate and the resulting anovulatory bleeding may be responsible. If the periods are actually normal and once a month, but there are episodes of bleeding in between the periods, then mechanical factors such as fibroids or polyps may be responsible. Women with hyperthyroidism are classically described as experiencing frequent, heavy periods. They, in reality, rarely show that pattern, but we usually screen these patients for thyroid disease anyway. Early stages of pregnancy might be a possible cause as well, but it could happen if you change your eating habits, are stressed, have a lot on your mind, etc. Our emotions and hormones collide a lot.I've experienced frequent periods too in the past that was caused by ovarian cysts.There could be other causes for the frequent periods you are experiencing and I would recommend you see your doctor/gyno for further evaluation to see what they think could be causing this.Good luck :)
what does it mean when you come on your period twice in one month?
Q: i have come on my period twice in one month, im not on the pill and i am sexually active.
A: Bleeding between the periods. This may be due to hormonal inbalance. Recognizing symptoms early and seeing a physician right away increases the likelyhood of successful treatment.
What does it mean when you have your period twice in one month?
Q: I know that there might be alot of reasons, but what are some common ones? My sister thinks that I`m pregnant, but I really dont think that is it.
A: Chances are it's probably just a fluke. Sometimes our periods go wacky...just because. But if you think you may be pregnant, do a home test or see your doctor for a pregnancy test.Here is when you should see a doctor about irregular periods:1. If you bleed more than twice your normal length of time.2. If your periods are "wacky" 3 consecutive cycles in a row.3. If you bleed so heavily you're totally saturating a super tampon or pad every hour for more than 4 hours.4. If your period is accompanied with any unusual abdominal pain that doesn't go away when your period ends, or gets worse and/or you have a fever over 101.5. You notice any unusual vaginal discharge...either a different color, odor, or amount.6. If you develop any rashes, lumps, or pain in your vaginal area.

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