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Can you have a period 3 times a month

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Normal vaginal bleeding occurs every 21-35 days when the uterus sheds its lining. Other bleeding can be a sign of medical issues. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-have-a-period-3-times-a-month ]
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Why did I have my period 3 times this month?
i have to the same problem but mine is 4 times a month and im on birthcontrol.and it isnt helping anything im worried and have no clue what could be wron
Why have a been on my period 3 times this month??
that is a bit worrying... are youi bleeding after intercourse immediately? are you pregnant? cos you might be having an abortion of some sort. please see your gynae specialist asap
Is it bad to have your period 2 or 3 times a month??
you might think of consulting a doctor, because it is normal to have periods only once a month

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What does it mean when you get your period 3 times in one month?
Q: Well I got my period 3 times this month and I want to know what it means does that mean theres something wrong with me? I have problems with irregular periods before but nothing like having it 3 times in one month and I'm kinda scared. Should I go to the doctor right away?
A: First off I would like to assure you there is nothing to be scared about. Natural chemicals in your body produce hormones and it sounds like your are just out of sorts.You do not mention how old you are or how long this has been happening. If this is the first month I would calm down and wait to see what happens next month, it just could be out of balance this month. If it continues I would make an apt. with your doctor because if you are not on the pill he may suggest it , which would be up to you either to take it or not. Or it might be a problem with your thyroid. Or it could be nothing. Good luck to you.
My girlfriend has had her period 3 times this month,is that normal?
Q: she has had her period 3 times this month and she is kinda worried something is wrong. perhaps its just her eggs producing too quickly or some ovarian problem but we dont know so that is why i came here. can anyone help?thanks for that. no. she just told me over msn. i wanted to see what was up so i came here.Unless there is some way she can get pregnant without having sex then no.
A: Girls are born with all the eggs they will ever have. We don't produce eggs like guys produce sperm. What we have, we have and were born with. Having 3 periods in 1 month is not normal and she should go see her ob/gyn. Bleeding that often can actually make her anemic. Good luck!
Is it normal and why do i get my period 3 times a month?
Q: hi well i got my period at a very young age and i always got it twice a month now that i am getting older i am starting to get it sonner 3 times in less then a month .. is there in logicly explianation for all this what do you think? please helpThey last 5 days adding all that up equals to. Half the month i am on my period wow i never though of that =/ true i probably have hormonal unbalance...
A: How long do your periods normally last? If they are full length periods, then you should see your doctor as this isn't something that most women experience. You should really talk to him and let him know what is going on as this could affect your ability to bear children later in life because of messed of ovulation days and things like that. You could have hormonal imbalances or something like that which can be fixed but you must ge the medical attention first.

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