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on the average, do black girls have bigger vaginas than white girls?

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on the average, do black girls have bigger vaginas than white girls?
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it does not matter what race, we all are about the same!
um, laughing, but i really dont know, ive never been with a black girl before
Yes, and they are funnier looking.
bigger no.smellyer though.
I don't believe vagina size really matters. On average the vagina is about 3 inches in length when not aroused and it grows to have 5-6 inches when aroused. It can be stretched to about 8-9 inches. There is a website you can check out its at and its correct site penissizedebate.com/page41_vag. This should answer all your questions you might have.
no but they sure are nasty looking with there balled up pubic hair..i have seen nugget
It depends on the woman, regardless of race. Every woman is different. There really is no "average" like there is w/ mens' penis sizes (ie on average black men have bigger penises than white men)
yes. because on the average black males have larger penis so black girls body is created the way so they could satisfy their partners sexual needs.
Well, I would say about as many black girls vagina's are bigger than white girls vagina's as the black men whose penises are bigger than white men's penises.
geeze im not even black and the way some people answered ur question is terrible , cmon people this isnt very becomming of u. all the black hate stuff isnt called for , knock it off. god its a difference in skin color thats it , my god how low can you be people! ..
That has got to be the stupidest question I have ever heard! Is that some sort of comparison to black stud muffins with long schlongs? Stupid stereotypical racial profiling!
no color dont matter for that not on girls anyway
Dont know, only had black girls!
sounds logical..apes do have big cunts
r u serious? u r nosey! not to be mean but gosh why dont you find out for yourself or something! and your answer would probably be most women do not go around saying hey lets compare coochie size!!
I'm afraid so.
I would say white girls as they are more prone to open their legs at the drop of a dime or that just may be for blacks guys in which they do chase them.
i doubt it. however, women in general have different size clits
u r sick!
i don't know that race plays a factor in size, but i know of a white woman in her mid-twenties who was told by her doctor that she has a "fat vagina". She was about 50 pounds overweight.
No. Source(s):Do your own research.
no it's all the same just different colors
the smell is stronger on black girls.But the size is the same.
If someone is a larger person, they may have a bigger vagina.but I don't think vagina size can vary by race.maybe penis size.if you know what I mean
Can someone tell me who left the gate open at the trailer park? It kills me how some people love to tear black women apart. Our pubic hair has balls or our vagina's are large. The ignorance on this board is appalling.The funny thing is, for all the attacks we garner for our skin color or anything else, we still boast the healthiest self esteems of all women. We embraced our shapely figures and large butts long before J-Lo made it OK for white women to get butt implants.I wouldn't be surprised if you've been with a woman with a smelly vagina. What do you expect when trash lays with trash? But enough talk about your mother.Your not worthy enough to be with decent black women. If you had one, I'm sure you had to pay for the sex because no one will screw you for free.I hope when the girl was done with you she didn't smell like a wet dog. You know, that nasty stench your dog-like hair and pale skin gives off when the rain falls.
Don't know but they say every women is different

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