‘Sigh No More': Mumford and Sons to Release a New Album in February 2012

by on February 10th, 2011
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There is much buzz surrounding the London based folk group Mumford and Sons as of late. The band has gained major momentum in the last year, especially in the U.K. and the U.S., as their debut album “Sigh No More” has performed exceedingly well, especially with the college set and 20-somethings looking for something a bit different than what mainstream music was offering up. Now the folk quartet is recording a follow-up album to “Sigh No More” and the chance that Mumford and Sons second album will exceed their debut output is looking really good. Here is a look at the details surrounding Mumford and Sons’ follow up album and what one Mumford fan hopes for the future.

Amazing New Music

Any fan that is worried about Mumford and Sons selling out can put their worries to rest. The band has been releasing new songs periodically over the last year, and the sound is just as brilliant. Take a gander at all the videos featuring new music by Mumford and Son from their live performances. I was blown away by some of the performances I viewed such as “Broken Crown,” “Lover of the Light” and “Home.” As a huge Mumford and Sons fan, I can firmly say that it looks like they are on the right path to best their debut album.

An Evolving Sound

When I was listening to some of the new songs by Mumford and Sons, I noted an evolving sound. This is not a bad thing by any measure. The band mates of Mumford and Sons are all exceedingly talented, and it appears they are truly stretching their wings with their newest songs.

A major worry I always have with follow-up albums is that a band strays too far from the sound that made them famous. Don’t expect this with Mumford and Sons. Their evolving sound isn’t a departure from “Little Lion Man” or “Timshel,” but instead, an improvement. I never thought that I would say that Mumford’s sound could be improved upon, but they have proven me wrong. Their follow-up album should be outstanding.

Release Date

Mumford and Sons’ follow-up album was expected to be released in late 2011, but has since been pushed back to February of 2012. No album title has been announced as of yet. One thing is for sure though, Mumford and Sons aim to please their fans and I will be in my local music store, bright and early on the release date to pick up my official copy of Mumford and Sons’ newest album.

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