Seven Best Tips for Writing Sports Poetry

by on March 16th, 2015
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Sports poetry relies on all of the usual poetry building skills including where to put your line break, how to select proper words to make a strong read, what form to use, and whether or not to use rhyme. But, it also takes advantage of search engine optimization within your article. Here’s my best tips on how to write sports poetry:

Best Tip for Writing #1 Write Sports Poetry Using Google Trends to Pick an Exciting Topic

Look for trends in sports such as popular games, popular sports figures, and recent news to select your sports poetry topic. Mention the topic in your title, in a first paragraph explaining what your poem is about, and use the same topic(s) throughout your poem. One example poem I wrote occurred when the report came out that Tiger Woods had been involved in an accident, read if Tiger Woods Can’t Play Golf to see an example that netted a 1000 hits in a day.

Best Tip for Writing #2 Add Photographs to Your Sports Poetry Using the Same Exciting Topic

Use the topics as many times as you can in the article. Pick a photo using the topic and be sure to use that topic as a key work in your description of the photograph. This also boosts your search optimized content.

Best Tip for Writing #3 Use a Good Poetry Form to Help Convey Your Sports Poetry Topic

Since search engine optimized content is a primary means of gaining hits on your sports poetry, use a poem with a rhyme pattern to make the topic clear such as ball, basketball, baseball all of which rhyme for a general poem on the types of sports you can play. Sestinas and sonnets are two examples of rhymed forms that work well. Or if you have a deadline you have to meet, try the short sweet haiku and make it a good play on words and visual aspects like this Super Bowl Haiku.

Best Tip for Writing #4 Use Strong Actions in Your Sports Poem to Catch the Excitement of Sports

Good strong verbs like throw, strike, crashed, will help move your sports poem through the topic with interest. Be sure to start with a slow state of events and make it more and more exciting, like one person on base, uh-oh two persons on base, or strike one, strike two.

Best Tip for Writing #5 Use Strong Consonants to End Your Line in Your Sports Poetry

“The umpire cried strike” is much stronger than “the batter struck once”. Use a rhyming dictionary to get good rhymes for your strong consonant words, i.e. strike also rhymes with pike, mike, hike. Strong consonants are ones that you pronounce sharply such as k as in kink, t as in trot, d as in dead or lead.

Tip for Writing # 6 On Slow Sports Trending Days Do a Poem on the History of a Sports Figure Such as an Ode

Many times anniversaries for sports figures come up that makes an Ode ( i.e. a poem dedicated to the topic ) a perfect choice for writing your sports poem. Here is one example ode which is a tribute to Jesse Owens.

Tip for Writing #7 Tweet Your Sports Poetry with a Current Score or News Update as Well as #Poetry, #Sports and #Poem

This means that sports lovers busy at work can get a bit of news off your story and may be really intrigued to take another work.

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