Review: Farmland Double Smoked Bacon

by on August 2nd, 2010
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I got up this morning (Saturday) and realized that we really didn’t have a whole lot in the house for breakfast. So, since I wanted to surprise my wife with some flowers anyway, I decided to run to the store while everyone else was getting dressed.

Once again, I was craving bacon so I ended up looking for the most affordable brand I could find. That happened to be Farmland Double Smoked Bacon.

I love bacon but, up until recently (when I bought a new bacon tray for my microwave) I pretty much avoided buying raw bacon and stuck with the precooked brands. But, since the raw bacon is usually cheaper, I have been buying that almost exclusively. Some brands are definitely better than others and, when I purchased this one, I really wasn’t too sure what to expect from it. However, it ended up being a pretty decent purchase and it is a brand I definitely would buy again.

One of the biggest complaints I’ve had about the last couple brands of bacon I purchased was the grease. Bacon, in general, is going to have some grease. But, the last couple brands had much more than I was expecting from them and I was a bit worried that would be the case this time too since the slices seemed to be a bit fatty.

However, I have to admit, the grease was pretty minimal when it came to this brand. There was some (there always is). But it wasn’t an inch deep like with the last couple brands of bacon I purchased.

What really impressed me about this brand was the taste. I have had a lot of other items that claimed to be “smoked.” This includes both bacon and plenty of other products. And, many of those things really didn’t taste like it. But, with this brand, it was easy to taste the smoky flavor and I enjoyed every bite.

In fact, my only real regret this morning is not making more of it to go with breakfast. But, fortunately, I still have most of the pack remaining and I’m able to make it whenever I want it.

If you are looking for some bacon to serve at breakfast or pretty much any other time of the day, I recommend looking for this brand. It might be more affordable than the rest but that doesn’t mean you are sacrificing quality.

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