‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’: Is This Kim Richards’ Reality?

by on September 4th, 2013
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Someone at Bravo needs to get Kim Richards some help– at least according to TV Guide.

In an open letter to the network, the television mag addresses the former child star’s recent bizarre behavior on the Bravo reality show.

“You need to get one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills some help,” the letter says. “And unless someone behind the scenes steps in and does right by Kim, we fear there might be another tragedy waiting in the wings for your 90210 franchise.”

Indeed, the second season of the popular reality show started off with a reflection on the suicide of former cast member, Russell Armstrong.

Now Kim Richards’ behavior is being called into question as she acts loopy on several episodes, although she appears to not be drinking alcohol (on the recent game night episode, her sis Kyle even stole a sip of her drink to make sure it wasn’t spiked).

But Richards, who many thought signed on to Season 2 of the show to redeem herself for last season’s behavior, is acting stranger than ever.

The Season 1 finale culminated in Kyle calling her a drunk– a label that Kim did not take lightly. She didn’t join the other housewives for finale week talk show sit downs and many thought she wouldn’t return to the series. When she did agree to sign on, it was a chance for her to clean up her tarnished image. So what is going wrong here?

This season, Richards has skipped several of the “Real Housewives” events (like her sister’s charity event, for instance). When she does show up for something she is habitually late and full of excuses like “the power went out.”

On the game night episode, newcomer Brandi Glanville gave Kim Richards a new label. Glanville speculated that Kim is on drugs, this due to her frequent trips to the bathroom. Glanville has a lot of expertise in this area, she tells us. She used to model in Europe in the ’90s.

Meanwhile, although Kim Richards hasn’t joined the other “Housewives” by keeping a running Bravo blog, Kyle comes to her sister’s defense on hers. Of the fateful game night, Kyle recently wrote: “When Kim arrived, she seemed a bit out of sorts….. We went into the bathroom to fix her hair/make-up and to sort of regroup. That’s all that was going on in the bathroom that night.”

Let’s hope Kyle is right about her sister. Because as the TV Guide letter says, “Denial runs deep.”

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