Printable Raven Pumpkin Stencils for Halloween

by on March 7th, 2015
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Ravens are black birds popular thanks mostly to the poem written by Edgar Allan Poe where the bird repeats the word “nevermore”.

Free Pumpkin Stencils

Raven In Flight: This is a free template of a raven with its wings spread wide and flying among a night sky featuring the moon and stars.

Raven and Moon: This is a free and unique stencil of a the bird sitting in the shadow of a full moon.

Patterns to Buy

Nevermore: Carving pattern of the words Nevermore along with a winged Raven. $2 membership fee.

Nevermore: This is a raven shape made out of the letters from the word Nevermore as used in the Edgar Allan Poe story. $3 minimum purchase.

Ravens Lunch: The bird sitting on top of a skull.

Other Bird

Twitter Bird: Stencil of the blue bird from Twitter and more.

More Ideas for Halloween

Annoyed Tweety Bird: The cartoon Tweety Bird with an annoyed look.

Chim Chim: A stencil of the monkey from Speed Racer.

Frankenstein: Classic Halloween monster with a spark coming off his head. Free to print out.

Bolt: Bolt is the animated movie character dog. $2.50 to use.

The Big Red Dog: Carving pattern of The Big Red Dog known to kids as Clifford.

Orc: The character Orc from LOTR movies. It costs .99 cents to use.

South Park: Characters from the TV show South Park. Free!

Where the Wild Things Are: The Wild Things carving pattern. Costs $3.95.

True Blood: Eric Northam from HBO vampire show True Blood. $3.95 price.

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