Movie Sneak-Peak Overkill: Unless It’s Plot-Less, Don’t Ruin It

by on January 4th, 2011
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You know my angst about keeping the unknown unknown. A blog, an article, a video, a trailer, or your annoying relative. What do they have in common ? Ruining a new or never before seen movie. Escaping into the theater (or escaping at home, while commuting, or traveling) to experience something fresh, without any pre-conceived notions of the who/what/where/when/how is a reward everyone should and are entitled to enjoy (the ol’ pursuit of happiness). Why can’t people and businesses shut up ? The utter brainwashing of society (a topic for another time), a la advertisement blitzkrieg, is so irksome in all our other activities of daily living (work, relationships, shopping, family), do they have to infringe on one of our few, wonderous electives?

I will not go into a complaining rant about any one particular movie or trailer, but the biggest culprits are the movie companies themselves. While eagerly awaiting thee movie, they bombard you with one to three minute (non skippable if say on DVD/Blu-Ray) overkill images and narration outlining the whole bloody movie; what’s the point of then going to see it ? To see if they were only moderately informing you about what they ruined ? Like a song, it’s constant bombardment unwillingly makes you succumb. But I for one remember; even if it’s months or years later, I remember the visual tidbits, the jerk who spouts off about what the movie critic said, or the co-worker spewing and rehashing about this scene or that, about the actor or actress’s performance, the “wait til you see…”

Why are people so thoughtless and cruel? I even tell them not to tell me, and they somehow either don’t understand, or don’t appreciate my simple request to “shut up about it”, and continue blathering just enough to cause the ruination of my precious unknown. To know the ending, to be un-suspensed, to go from willingly uninformed (with my hands over my ears) to unavoidably told (with hands pulling my hair out), just peeves me to no end. If you had a “right” mind, you’d concur; if not, find your body snatcher pod and destroy it.

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