Loss and Found

by on July 26th, 2010
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always was second best
always was not enough
these are just words from the heart
do they sound so hopeless
there not unfocused from the strain of events that produced them
this doesn’t come from a whim when insecure of private affairs and cold stares
the lonely in existence are ever frozen in time from moments long gone that kept piling on til that drifted to a position of said stone
comfortable with the least of tone
what screams isn’t fair doesn’t make it wrong
in a zone of too many odds and evens imbalanced to another
shudder does one when the chilling thought of realization factors in
but as a note to this sin
where does it say that we have to be happy as a guarantee
how sobering these words must be to the hungry at heart who is always searching so forcefully for something that continues to flee
on our little slice of plateau sits our life as a creed to too many things which are unfortunate in not being true to our longing for satisfaction
so as a sign it should come to fruition of understanding at just how lost in our own way the human being has become from their own nature

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