Cheaper Television Prices Allow for Upgrades

by on November 3rd, 2010
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The one thing that can almost always be counted on in regards to technology is that the longer it is out the cheaper it gets. Add that to a floundering economy and you have a recipe for lower prices all around. This is now the case with flat screen televisions that were once fetching as much as $6,000 and are now selling for around $2,500 according to The Strategic Sorcerer . But, it hasn’t just been the high end televisions that are coming down in price as anyone who has been to the retail stores as of late has no doubt found out. This has meant an upgrade possibility for me and a significant savings in the process.

Waiting Paid Off

I had been patiently waiting for some time to find the kind of deal on televisions that would make me want to buy. With the news of the lowering prices, I took to the stores to take a good hard look and sure enough the prices were nowhere near where I figured they would be. After some careful consideration and some in depth research to find which makes and models were right for my home, my wife and I decided to upgrade our current antiquated televisions.

Updating the Entire Household

Because prices were in fact so affordable we decided to not only get a new television for the living room, but we also opted for new televisions for the bedrooms as well. So, we settled on a 47 inch 3D television for the living room and smaller 22 inch televisions for each of the two bedrooms.

All are either LCD or LED and are top of the line in every way, yet we paid only a fraction of what I thought we would have to pay. Since the timing of it all came with the holidays about we even gave one of the smaller televisions to our kids as a Christmas present.

Taking Advantage of the Situation

No matter what the reasons were for the television prices coming down, I was more than happy to take advantage of the situation. Even though I did end up spending a good deal of money on all the new televisions, I have been preparing for the purchase for some time and even had some money put aside for it. So, while I think it is not necessarily a good thing for retailers that televisions are coming down so far in prices, I know it is a good thing for my family’s budget and I’m certain others are realizing and enjoying the same savings that I did.

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