2011 Unbiased College Football Rankings, Week 05

by on October 4th, 2015
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The 2011 week 05 unbiased college football rankings following week 04. Follow how the UNBSD rankings have changed after the final 2010 rankings from ESPN or on rivals.com . If you get the method, then you get the madness. This eliminates the biases by only using results on the field (that’s why they play the games).

1 Stanford 3-0 DNP, next UCLA @ home
2 Oklahoma 3-0 beat Missouri, plays Ball State @ home
3 Wisconsin 4-0 beat S Dakota (DII), next Nebraska @ home
4 Boise State 3-0 beat Tulsa, next Nevada @ home
5 LSU 4-0 beat W Virginia, next Kentucky @ home
6 Oklahoma State 4-0 beat TX A&M, next DNP
7 Alabama 4-0 beat Arkansas, next @ Florida
8 Nebraska 4-0 beat Wyoming, next @ Wisconsin
9 Virginia Tech 4-0 beat Marshall, next Clemson @ home
10 South Carolina 4-0 beat Vanderbilt, next Auburn @ home
11 Florida 4-0 beat Kentucky, next Alabama @ home
12 South Florida 4-0 beat UTEP, next @ Pittsburgh
13 Texas Tech 3-0 beat Nevada, next @ Kansas
14 Baylor 3-0 Beat Rice, next @ Kansas St
15 Illinois 4-0 beat W Michigan, next Northwestern @ home
16 Kansas State 3-0 beat Miami (FL), next Baylor @ home
17 Georgia Tech 4-0 beat North Carolina, next @ NC State
18 Michigan 3-0 beat San Deigo St, next Minnesota @ home
19 Clemson 4-0 beat Florida St, next @ Virginia Tech
20 Texas 3-0 DNP, next @ Iowa St
21 Iowa State 3-0 DNP, next Texas @ home

Give it another week and the undefeateds will be whittled down under 15 teams. Wisconsin lost a spot by playing a division 2 team (championship series). Even though the Cardinals did not play, they didn’t lose a spot because Oklahoma could only jump one spot. with their win. Boise St keeps rolling and should not be shocked like they were last year in Nevada. The Wolfpack ended up saving the BCS by beating the Broncos so there were only 3 undefeated teams going into the bowl games.

LSU has been voted into the championship game already based on the polls. So if Clemson beats Virginia Tech, does that make them automatically #2 in the coaches poll since the Virginia teams are so highly valued? Meanwhile, the Okies seem to be content to only play one half at time and still keep winning–but they won’t be moving up since they don’t play until Oct 8th.

Arkansas and Texas A&M lost out on a potential super-hyped game at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX and South Carolina takes on last years champs which has now lost it’s championship team luster. The Big 12 seems to be rolling with the conference with the most undefeated teams–too bad they may not keep ‘em all next year.


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