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Will my abscess tooth go away tomorrow

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A:Once the abscess is drained, most symptoms go away immediately or within a few days. You will have to see a doctor if you have one or it wont go away. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-my-abscess-tooth-go-away-tomorrow ]
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Will my abscess tooth go away tomorrow
Once the abscess is drained, most symptoms go away immediately or within a few days. You will have to see a doctor if you have one or it wont go away.

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Why won't my dental abscess go away?
Q: I have had dental problems since I was a teenager (I am now 24), but I don't have any insurance so going to the dentist or doctor has not been an option as I simply cannot afford it. The last time I went to the dentist was to have a tooth pulled because it was causing me tremendous pain and that was a couple years ago. Well I have a couple teeth causing me problems right now, but one in particular needs to be extracted but it can't be until I get rid of this bad abscess. My cheek has been swollen for 3 or 4 days now. I went to the ER the day it started and they prescribed Keflex and Lortab. Well I have been taking them faithfully but the swelling has not gone down. The abscess has not ruptured or started draining yet but it has become more bearable (perhaps its the pain medication).Today I heard that maybe hydrogen peroxide might help so I did that a bunch of times today plus rinsing with salt water, but I don't see any dramatic improvements from using it.I don't want to go in to the dentist/doctor and have them rupture it, I would rather it just do it on its own then have the tooth extracted once the infection is gone. I have heard good and bad things about it rupturing and I'm kinda confused - some people say that if it ruptures it could make me sick and possibly die, others say that if I don't then it could get worse and go to my brain and I could die. What am I supposed to do?I am currently broke at the moment and have no way of going to the dentist right now. If I have any luck at all I might get paid tomorrow but it may be too late to get in because of the labor day weekend, places will be closed for sure on Monday and some will be closed Friday. Will I be ok if I am forced to wait til Tuesday?Please help me! I look like I have a rock in my cheek and it hurts!Thanks all for your answers, I have made an appointment at a dentist office that will do an exam and x-ray for $25, and they may be able to pull the tooth the same day if the infection is gone. I have been taking antibiotics since Monday night and the girl said that it takes 48-72 hours to start working. Hopefully the infection will go away if it hasn't already so I can get this tooth pulled.I'm hoping that it's just that one tooth causing the problem...
A: my advice to you is to go to the hospital or the doctor's office if opened and explain that you absolutely have no money. They can as a one time favor write yoou aprescription for a very stong antibiotic. This happened to me. You will have to figure a way out because you can die from it. The infection can get in your brain becoming a brain abscess from abscesses tooth. It will NOT go away on its own. I cried and cried because I felt the same as you and I was so scared. I ended up taking bits and pieces from my account and credit cards to get it done and that was by luck. If there is a teaching hospital near you for a university, see if they have a student ran dental clinic. That is usually more affordable and depending on what they are teaching I have heard of it being free. That is unlkiely however. If all else fails, go to the hospital. they won't take care of pulling it unless you are knocking on death's door though. Tried that as well. Call around different dentist and oral surgeons and see if they have a sliding scale or will put you on a payment plan. I am so sorry and will pray for you dear.Iknow you are in tremendous pain. This may help. in addition to the frequent saly water rinses, go to cvs or walgreens and get some Zilactin swabs for tooth pain. also, disolve aspirin right on the sore tooth and let in sit for a minute. You can also get liquid ambesol at the same place and keep re-applying it. Very helpful. Also, get some wiskey if you are old enough and swish it around. The old fashioned way of deadening a tooth. feel better.
tooth infection...told that I might have Meningitis....?
Q: so I have had an abscessed tooth for a while now. Long story short it was really hard to finally get the answer that it needed to be pulled....they tried a root canal first. The surgeon was very booked so I made the appointment last month for this next week. For the last three weeks I have had a fever (99.8-101 range) constantly....I was told when I asked that it was because of the infection. They have put me on 3 rounds of antibiotics with no sauces. This last weekend my neck and throat started to hurt...not mussel pain...just hurt. I called the dentist today and he said that it sounds like it might be Meningitis. He said we should pull it tomorrow. I googled that though and it sounds serious. If it is that than will it just go away after the tooth get's pulled. Right now my fever is 101 and I can barely move my neck...I am worried.Thanks!
Is liquid antibiotics/painkiller available for adults, and who prescribes it?
Q: Thank the powers that be, I'm finally able to get to a dentist tomorrow. I think I have an infected/abscessed tooth. Hopefully they will give me some antibiotics right away and be able to start work ASAP.My question is: Is there a chance that I can get liquid antibiotics? I wanted to know ahead of time to set me at ease. I've always had a hard time swallowing pills, but these last couple months I've had problems with even small "easy swallow" pills.Also, I've seen liquid painkiller on the shelves for adults... is there a prescription-grade liquid pain killer?(yeah, I'm a wuss, go ahead and say it).And - who writes the prescription, anyway? I'm guessing its the dentist herself.I'm 26, last time I went to the dentist, I was 17 and my parents always took care of crap like this.Thanks ahead of time!
A: Your dentist should be able to prescribe a liquid antibiotic without a problem. Just ask him/her for liquid.

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