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How much is a surgery to remove tonsils

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A variety of factors may influence the cost to remove tonsils. "Insurance coverage, pre-existing health, Insurance co-pay, Location of the facility." The cost of each procedure can vary based upon age, location, gender, and insurance coverage. -ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-much-is-a-surgery-to-remove-tonsils ]
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How much is a surgery to remove tonsils
A variety of factors may influence the cost to remove tonsils. "Insurance coverage, pre-existing health, Insurance co-pay, Location of the facility." The cost of each procedure can vary based upon age, location, gender, and insura...
How much will cost me for surgery tonsils removed?
Check out www.travelforcare.com and register to get a customized quote! We have an excellent network of surgeons and facilities who offer surgeries for 50-70% less than the U.S. cost.
How much does tonsil removal surgery cost without health insuranc...?
For those not covered by health insurance, a tonsillectomy -- with or without an adenoidectomy -- typically costs from $4,153 to $6,381, with an average cost of $5,442. ChaCha!

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Parents of children that had tonsils and adenoids surgery?
Q: I would like to hear how did it go for your child , for how long did he had pain , any complications , is he doing better , the same , worse ? Does your child have allergy to milk , eggs or wheat ?Sometimes tonsilitis is caused by allergy .My 5 yr old will have a surgery and I am very anxious . I heard in some cases it doesn't really help much to remove the tonsils.
A: My son had his out in Feb. and he is much better than before. He is so much happier because he feels better. The surgery was about an hour, the recovery time is 2 weeks but my son was jumping around after just a few days. He was in pain at first but they should give him meds to help and he will be sedated from the medicine. He did not have any complications nor does he have any allergies. His tonsils were bad for about 2 years, he missed quite a few days of kindergarten. He hasn't been sick since before the surgery.
Those who have had tonsils removed in the last year - Surgery options?
Q: I will be calling my ENT once she returns from vacation but I've been putting off getting my tonsils removed because of my school schedule and I know that I really need to get it done. I also know that there are different methods from removing tonsils; I'm interested in Laser Tonsil Ablation which is much quicker and cuts recovery time. My question is; what kind of surgery did you have to have your tonsils removed? Have you had (or even heard of) Laser Tonsil Ablation? I'm trying to get a feel of how widespread a practice this is. Thanks!
A: I had Laser Tonsil Ablation, recovery still takes a while till you can have warm foods and yawning will hurt cause it stretches the scar, It will go away eventually, it took me about a week to recover but usually its more like a week and a half.
Singers/Surgery/Getting TONSILS removed?
Q: I am 13. For years one tonsil has been swollen and I have phlegm ever since I got a cold. Is your tonsil your first line of defense, and does it help you not get as many colds? Will it effect my health and my singing voice?Because I'm thinking my voice might sound better and normal if I get them removed, but will it be worse? COULD I DIE?How much does it cost, and will insurance cover it?Because I want to sound good, and my voice is irritating me because I'm always clearing it and I'm always swallowing.I don't know what tonsillitis is, but my friend who had her's removed, she sounded so different and she didn't like it, and another friend sounded SO much better, she sounded normal and not throaty and nasaly.
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