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How do you get the swelling down in an abscessed tooth

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A:To relieve the pain and discomfort associated with an abscessed tooth, warm salt-water rinses and over-the-counter pain-reducing medication like ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) can be used. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-get-the-swelling-down-in-an-abscessed-tooth ]
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How do you get the swelling down in an abscessed tooth
To relieve the pain and discomfort associated with an abscessed tooth, warm salt-water rinses and over-the-counter pain-reducing medication like ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) can be used.
Is there a remedy for swelling due to an abscessed tooth??
You really need to see a dentist. Abscessed teeth, even when there is no pain, do much harm to our bodies. A friend of mine, who is a dentist, told me that abscessed teeth that are left untreated continue to get worse and do damage to our o...
How long before abscessed tooth swelling and pain goes away??
It sounds like your abscess is a little more severe than first diagnosed. Draining a perio abscess alone usually will not correct the problem. Return to your dentist to have it cleaned out again, he will also need to place you on an oral ...

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Tooth abscess: Partial root canal done and Incision and drainage was done. How long before it goes away?
Q: I see the dentist at least twice a year. I brush my teeth often and floss daily. I developed a tooth abscess 2.5 years later after getting my cavity filled (deep one) and crown applied. The dentist at the time obviously didnt get the all the germs or should of did a root canal then. Anyhow, Im nine months pregnant and in the past week have seen the endodontist three times for partial root canal, incision/drainage on the roof of my mouth, and drain removed. Antibiotics were started six days ago and im down to 1-2 pain killers a day vs every four hours. I have to go back to finish the root canal. Im still swollen where they did the drainage. It has gone down but its still tender (not as bad) and swollen. Do you think he will have to drain it again? How long will this take before it clears up? Im worried b/c my due date is coming up in the next three weeks and im having a c-section. Has anyone ever gone through this before?I dont want to end up with my teeth falling out/sepsis.Also, im in the process of opening a complaint with regards to that dentist who didnt do his job properly to begin with 2.5 years ago. Do you think this is a good idea as well or should i just call him and tell him what happened?
A: Oh, boy. Well, your dentist may not have actually screwed up. Sometimes these things happen. I went through a similar situation. I ended up having to see an Endodontist who had to do two root canals on the same tooth! It was just the way the tooth was. The roots were very long and curved. Anyway, I also took antibiotics and I think it was about 6 weeks before it really cleared up good. It was another 6 months before the tooth finally settled down! That doesn't usually happen. It was just my rotten luck I guess.I would tell your dentist but don't come off as accusatory. Just explain what happened and see what he says. His attitude and response should tell you what you need to do next. I wish you all the best.
How to ask for a refill of pain meds?
Q: I have an abscessed tooth, very painful. I was prescribed Penicillin and Hydrocodone. My pain medicine will run out in two days and after that I don't know what I will do. The swelling in my face has not gone down yet and the ONLY way I can eat is by taking pain meds first. My face is swollen in such a way that its hard for me to open my jaw. Only with the pain meds can I open it just enough to eat and even then I can only eat crackers, etc. I'm not addicted to pain meds nor do I have a history of taking them. I'm terrified of not having this medicine and still having a swollen face. Should I ask for more? Do you think I would get them?
A: go to a dentist and get the tooth pulled .
How can I file for free health insurance in the state of Georgia if I'm currently unemployed?
Q: Ok, here's my situation:I'm a 20 year old male and I'm currently unemployed at the moment. I need some type of free health insurance and I know free money is out there somewhere. I can't get on my mom's health insurance plan because I'm not enrolled in college right now. The reason I temporarily need some free health insurance is because I have this really bad tooth abscess in my teeth and it's been bugging me for awhile. My mom took me to a dental clinic and the dentist ending up telling me I needed a root canal because the roots have gotten infected in the tooth, but they are charging me like crazy and I think a root canal is like 1,000 something dollars. My mom tells me to get it pulled because it's cheaper but the dentist told me my teeth could shift on me If I had that process done and I didn't want that. I know there's a way I can get a discount or something. I called for one for those green cards for unemployed residents at our local Outpatient Clinic here, but they are closed on the weekends. This abscess is really bothering me and it keeps coming back because I don't have the hole in my tooth closed up and the roots are constally getting infected. I take out some of the infection by guggling my mouth with warm salt water everyonce in awhile. It takes down the swelling but only for a short month or so. I was even subscibed some antibiotics but I feel uncomfortable swallowing pills so they gave me 3 shots in the booty (2 shots of antibiotic fluid and 1 shot for the pain). And when I do TRY to take antibiotic pills, I just chop them up and swallow them that way (childhood memories: I choked on a butterscotch candy when I was little). The temporary filling they put in didn't last for too long. It fell out after I bit down on a dorito chip. So what do I do? I live in Columbus, Georgia and I just wanted to know if there was a way I could beat around the bush from paying 1,000 dollars for a root canal when I'm currently unemployed.I'm looking for professional detailed answers only, not no: "just go to the dentist" mess, I know that. So please spare me or you the time! It would really help If I got some answers from real Dentist or someone who knows alot about Finance & Health Insurance. ^_^I would REALLY appreciate your help! Thanks.
A: OK, free health insurance is called Medicaid - welfare health insurance. They won't pay for a root canal - they'll only pay for an extraction - which, btw, would cost around $100, even without insurance.Medicaid, the household income counts, not just YOUR income. There's no free dental insurance that pays for a root canal. Even with dental insurance that you buy, it rarely pays for half the cost of a root canal.If you have your heart set on a root canal, instead of just having the tooth pulled, you can probably find a dentist to make payment arrangements.

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