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Can someone die from an abscessed tooth

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A:Yes. An abscessed tooth can cause infection that spreads to the brain, causing death. An abscess should not be ignored. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-someone-die-from-an-abscessed-tooth ]
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Can someone die from an abscessed tooth
Yes. An abscessed tooth can cause infection that spreads to the brain, causing death. An abscess should not be ignored. ChaCha on!
Can you die from a tooth abscess?
Yes you can die from an abscessed tooth. If you have Ludwig's angina, which affects parts of the face and the lower jaw. It usually occurs in adults suffering from a tooth abscess that was never treated. The danger is that it can grow enoug...
Do you know anyone who has died from a tooth abscess??
I have never heard of this happening to someone I knew personally, but I have heard of it happening. Any infection can spread into any part of your body and may or may not lead to death. Any infection located inside of your head is more so ...

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Removing my own half gone infected molar.?
Q: I know im gonna hear Im crazy (already professionally proven) no im not stupid my evaluation shows an IQ of 135I have an an incredible pain threshold I let my wisdom teeth die and removed the crown trying to pull them though they where to far gone to pull.having said thatI have a tooth that is abscessing the infection has spread to the jawbone and is trying to go up my jaw.I have managed to use a sterilized finishing nail to jam into the pulp and drain some of the infection by pressing from the point that it has spread to toward the tooth and taking some year old cephlexin along with frequent rinsing with rubbing alcohol and mouthwash with peroxide to thoroughly rinse the half open socket.There is foul smelling puss with a scent resembling a pungent fecal material (not the normal bad breath type) and by gum is an extremely dark red I suspect gangrene is setting up.I fully plan on removing this tooth it is the front most lower molar and is about halfway gone.I don't expect anyone to tell me "do this" but in theory if you are a dentist or a medical professional if you had to in an emergency where someone was in the middle of the desert with no hope of getting out for a year how to remove it.I am out of work struggling to survive with a little girl there is absolutely no way I can go to a dentist.I cant even spare an extra 10$ for the gas to go to the hospital and have it looked at money is that tight.I live in Tennessee in the USANothing is free here manI live in Tennessee in the USANothing is free here man
A: This may be bogus, assuming it's not, you're gonna need antibiotics whatever you do. FYI - pretty sure if you were serious you'd use a needle instead of a finishing nail. Pulling a cracked tooth is tricky , I've worked them out over time though.
Plz i need someone to talk to before i go crazy 10 points plz?
Q: Ok to start i am a 20 year old female.I think i am crazy in the head.Ok lets see i use to live a normal life and was the happest person you would ever meet,very outgoing,loved going out i mean everything i loved life alot.Well about 5 months ago i ended up getting the h1n1 and i was kinda scared because of all the news and people dying from it but i made it fine.Well i was so happy that i didnt get more sick than i was.Then about one week later i started to feel like i couldnt breathe good and kept feeling like i was going to pass out everytime i was doing something.Well to make a long story short after going to the hospital like 10 times for the same thing they told me i had anxiety which i didnt know what it was because i have never had it.I did some research on it and felt thats what i had well this went on for 2 months straight where i wouldnt do anything and couldnt do anything because of it,i did learn how to control it a little bit at a time but i do still have it now but not as bad as before.Well as things were getting better for me i ened up getting bronchitis and then the anxiety came back again I was put on meds for the bronchitis and it was going away and i was so haoppy because i wasnt going to be sick anymore and i was going ot be back to my normal self again:[.Well right before i got better i ened up waking up with tooth pain one morning where i had broken a tooth like 2 years ago so i went to the er to see what they would say and of course they couldnt do anything for me but gave me penicillin just in case there was an infection int he tooth.Well i came home the pain had went away and i was looking on the internet about tooth pain and read about an abscess.And then i started to freak out thinking omg i have it and that i am going to die form it.Well i dont have any swelling,fever,or pain in the tooth anymore but i am so scared because i have headaches that if it is an infection it has went to my brain and i also fear that it will go to my heart and kill me and i keep thinking my thorat is closing.Plz if you can help i would love that.Does it sound like an abscess?How do i know the penicillin is working?What are my chances of dying?Oh i do have a densit appointment monday in the morning but i am scared to wait that long!Should i go to the er again?
A: Take a deep breath and just listen. If that tooth has been broken for two years, it is very unlikely to kill you over the weekend. You can tell you have an abscess if the area around the tooth is swollen. if theres no swelling the penicillin is unlikely to do anything because of the anatomy of the tooth prevents good circulation.There has been one documented case of a dental abscess traveling to the brain killing someone in about 40 years of records, so it is very very rare. Considering how many people live with dental abscesses. So all things considered things will be fine. I mean no disrespect but it sounds you have moderate to severe anxiety and it may be something to talk to your doctor about.

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