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Can an abscessed tooth kill you

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A:An abscess is usually a localized infection, however, if left untreated, it can lead to cellulitis. The bacteria can spread to face and cause swelling and can get into places where they can cause fatal complications. See a dentist for treatment. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-an-abscessed-tooth-kill-you ]
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Yes an abscessed tooth can kill you. The infection, left untreated, can travel to your brain, your heart or through your blood and lead to death. Please see a dentist if you suspect an abscess.
An abscess is usually a localized infection, however, if left untreated, it can lead to cellulitis. The bacteria can spread to face and cause swelling and can get into places where they can cause fatal complications. See a dentist for treat...
An abscessed tooth is an infection and like all infections, they have the ability to cause death if not treated. Fortunately an abscessed tooth is easy to fix with anti-biotics. You just have to suck it up and see a dentist.

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can an abscessed tooth kill you?
Q: I have had a really bad toothache for over 2 weeks and now my face is swelling a little bit, it's possibly an abcessed tooth I'm just curious if it is deadly or not please help!!!
A: An abscess is an active infection that is in the blood stream running its course throughout the body. If there is swelling involved, that is an indication that the body is unable to clean this infection up on its own. You will need to see your dentist to evaluate and treat this condition. Yes, there have been cases where a dental abscess left untreated, has been know to be the cause of death.
Q: I've had an abscess in my wisdom tooth for atleast 3 to 4 months now. It hurts every once in a while, I have taken 2 types of penicillins for it so far. i know i need to get them taken out but i cannot get an appointment any time soon. So how long do you have to have an abscessed tooth before it can kill you even if you have taken antibiotics for it?
A: I had an abscess for a few years. I had an initial pain after receiving a shot in my gums. The pain was horrible for a few weeks, and then it went away. An abscess showed up several years later and found out I had to have a root canal at 16. The abscess still did not go away and so I went to a doctor that specializes in that field. He said the infection was in the upper jaw bone and that it would have to be drilled out and a filler would be placed there. He also said I needed my wisdoms out yay! So I had 5 teeth pulled and worked on. I still am missing that tooth to this day at the age of 18 because I no longer have dental insurance to get the tooth replaced.
What to do if antibiotics fail for abscess tooth? should I be prepared for death or loss of jawbone?
Q: The reason why I ask this is because I went to the dentist last week with severe toothpain and he said I have some abscesses, and he gave me antibiotics to get the swelling to go down so he could remove them. The pain has stopped but my gums are still swollen and it has been a week. I am afraid of what happens next. I know that an abscess can kill you if it is never treated. but now that treatment doesnt seem to be working what do I do? I am starting to get scared.
A: So the antibiotic the dentist gave you worked to remove the pain, but not all of the swelling! Great!! This is often enough so that the tooth can be frozen and either a root canal or an extraction can be performed. If you need to try further antibiotic action, the dentist could;1)increase the dosage and or the number of times a day you take the antibiotic. 2)try a different antibiotic. 3)try a cocktail of antibiotics. 4)have the necessary procedure done under general anaestesia instead of just local. So, you see there are a number of options available to you and your dentist. I wouldn't go looking for funeral plots just yet.

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