Why Tim Tebow is No Fluke

by on October 27th, 2010
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Tim Tebow has become a pop cultural phenomenon. Many people do not understand the so-called “Tebowmania”. Others are cynics, believing this guy is too good to be true. His religious behavior must be a facade, he can’t be genuine, they say. As far as his performance on the field is concerned, some consider it a fluke, that he has just been fortunate to have a good defense and the team is able to hang in there and come back at the end of the game. Others look at his lack of traditional quarterbacking skills and still have not bought in to the Tim Tebow craze.

Why is it that in sports, a particular style or skill has to define an athlete? Why can we accept hard work overcoming talent or intellectual ability in other parts of life? Bill Gates didn’t graduate from college. Yes, he was gifted with a great mind, but it was his diligence and tenacity that brought him to where he was. Tim Tebow’s success is based in the fact that he believes, not just in God, but in the fact that there is always a possibility. This type of belief creates a type of confidence that is contagious. He passes this confidence along to his teammates and they work harder.

People who have consistently had to overcome obstacles become stronger, too. They are able to put things into perspective and not allow their egos to be deflated by naysayers and short term failures. When people tell them “no”, they hear “not yet.” Compare this attitude to those who have been anointed as the top athletes and leaders from a young age. They have always been at the top and are not used to necessarily having to work so hard to get what they want. They are not used to being told that they can’t do something. They are not used to failure. When these types of people rise high and then experience failure, it rocks their world. They become dejected, distraught. Frequently they never recover.

Players like Tebow become successful because they are fueled by the doubters and the skeptics. It pushes them harder and makes them work more. They win because they literally outwork the other person. In the end, even in sports, it’s will over skill.

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