Tom Sizemore Says Spielberg, Damon Knew About Drug Use

by on October 4th, 2015
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Recovering addict, actor Tom Sizemore, has a career on the mend, but is not pulling any punches when it comes to exposing the big Hollywood names that enable drug use among entertainers.

“I was doing drugs,” Sizemore said. “Everybody knew it.”

In 1998, after being hired to co-star in the film “Saving Private Ryan,” Sizemore lauded the integrity of film director Steven Speilberg, who he said took a tough love attitude towards the actor’s drug use.

“He said that even if I only started using on the last day of production, he’d re-cast the part and re-shoot everything,” he said.

Today, a sober Sizemore is telling a different story.

On the HLN talk show of View co-host Joy Behar, Sizemore said that Spielberg, as well as his some of the stars of the film, knew about his drug addiction.

“Matt (Damon) knew,” he told Behar.

Sizemore’s revelation came as Behar brought up his 1998 View appearance, in which he appeared with Damon and Spielberg to promote the film.

Sizemore confessed to being on cocaine during the interview.

He said that his drug use had caused him to become sweaty and nervous during the segment, and that Spielberg confronted him on it.

“What the —- is wrong with you,” the director said, according to Sizemore. “Why would you do this?”

“We all knew it,” Behar said.

Sizemore made the comments amidst a dialogue concerning Michael Jackson’s accused doctor, Conrad Murray.

After his notorious View appearance, Sizemore continued to amass another 50 acting credits, before getting sober in 2009.

That year, Sizemore saught the help of Dr. Drew Pinsky to help treat his addiction, appearing on Pinsky’s televised treatment show, Celebrity Rehab.

“It’s a daily thing that I have to do,” he said. “I jumped in with both feet this time with Dr. Drew.”

Sizemore promoted an upcoming appearance on the revised television series, Hawaii Five-O, and said that he has a new movie, “Slumber Party Massacre,” due out in 2012.

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