Professional Hand Rejuvenation Procedures to Make Hands Look Younger

by on December 6th, 2010
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Professional hand rejuvenation procedures designed to make the hands look younger are ideal options for the woman or man looking to create a more youthful look with soft smooth hands. There are several methods that are effective most performed under the care of a physician and generally yielding excellent results.

Common complaints of people looking to undergo professional hand rejuvenation include having visible age spots, extra dry hands, and thin skin and in many cases wrinkled skin. Aged looking hands can be the results of over exposure to the sun, job hazard or even lifestyle factor. Fortunately today there are options for reversing the aged look to a more youthful appearance.

The SmartXide Dot Laser and Intense Pulse hand rejuvenation procedure, described on True MD, is one that involves anesthetizing the hands with lidocaine. The needle is inserted under the skin while the physician massages the medication throughout the hands. Once the hands have been anesthetized the hand rejuvenation procedure includes using fillers to create more volume, laser treatments and other methods resulting in more youthful appearing hands.

An article with the Hand and Wrist Institute in Orange County, California describes similar hand rejuvenation procedures but with the use of other filler products. Their preferred filler, Radiesse, is a volume replacer formulated and designed to pump up the skin creating the appearance of more youthful hands. With Radiesse, the product creates its own collagen and is later metabolized in the body. The treatment takes about 15 minutes providing immediate results and lasting approximately 18 months.

Overall if you are thinking about undergoing a professional hand rejuvenation procedure do your research and select the procedure that is right for you. Compare the costs and types of procedures available from both dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Also, be realistic about the results and discuss this ahead of time with your physician. Our bodies and skin change with age but with procedures, such as with professional hand rejuvenation procedures, aged hands can made to appear smooth, soft and radiant.

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