Oh Precious Lake

by on June 7th, 2014
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While the pontoon is anchored securely
summertime goes by so fast like college days of old.
With laughing echos on the lake it mirrors the echos on the walls.
It is hard to imagine that we are 20 years older than when
we first met. What goofy girls we were!

But here we are still a friendship going strong,
with laugh lines, (no, not wrinkles)
with stories to tell of brave wars fought, won and lost in life
of lovers and dreams.

Summertime is like that on the lake,
With the pontoon anchored as we float behind
drinks in hand drifting with the ripples of the waves
made by the boats who pass by.

The sun beats down above us
and toes dangle in the lake cooling us off
as the water holds our secrets.

Oh sacred time! Oh precious lake!
Hold onto this moment for us.
We call to you in our souls when winter sets in.
We remember and laugh out loud.
Until we can see you and each other again.

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