LSU Tigers Stencils for Pumpkin Carving

by on January 27th, 2011
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If you are a LSU Tiger fan, then you can show your school pride by carving your Halloween pumpkin this year with a LSU design.

Louisiana State University

Spookmaster: The website Spookmaster has a carving pattern representing the LSU Tigers. It has the text “LSU” with a partial image of a tiger face above. It is listed as being of moderate carving difficulty. In order to print it out, you have to first become a member of Spookmaster. Membership costs $5.95 right now. But that membership includes the ability to download hundreds of other carving patterns for Halloween as well.

That is the only website where I have been able to find a LSU pumpkin stencil. But you could easily create your own lettering and there are other stencils of tigers that you could use to incorporate into your own unique design.

Geaux Tigers

Free WWF: World Wildlife Fund has a free stencil you can download as a PDF file of a realistic tiger.

Free Spray Paint Stencil: The website Spray Paint Stencils has a silhouette design of the animal pouncing.

Tear Out: This is a challenging carving pattern of the animal appearing to claw its way of a (pumpkin) surface. It can be purchased from Stoneykins for three dollars.

Growling: This is another design from Stoneykins. The animals is growling in this picture. I think its head resembles a bear but its mouth is growling similar to how the actual Louisiana State Tiger’s face appears. It can be printed out for one credit pattern. But there is a three dollar for three credits minimum purchase required.

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