‘Homeland,’ Season 1, Episode 6, ‘The Good Soldier’

by on July 31st, 2010
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In “Homeland,” Season 1, Episode 6, “The Good Soldier,” everyone who was in contact with Hamid is required to take a polygraph to determine who slipped him the razor. In the process, other secrets are revealed – perhaps.

Spoilers surely follow.

Carrie, for example, gets a jump in the readings when she lies about taking drugs while in the employ of the CIA. Saul gets a jump when he denies giving Hamid the razor, though curiously this is attributed to nerves.

Brody’s readings are rock solid, saying that he is speaking the truth throughout. This is even the case when he is telling a verifiable lie, by saying that he was not unfaithful to his wife. The night before, he had sex with Carrie in the back seat of a car. That in itself is showing Carrie to be complicated to the point of being twisted. She is sexually attracted to a man she is pretty sure is a traitor.

In the meantime, family, friends, and Brody’s old squad gather for a memorial service for Walker whom, unknown to almost everyone there, was beaten to death by Brody while in captivity. A wounded member of the squad, apparently resentful about the war, goes off on Brody’s shilling for the military. He also blurts out about Mike and Jess. Brody proceeds to give Mike a savage beating, which brings the wake to a sad conclusion indeed.

In the meantime, Raqim and his Caucasian partner, who turns out to have been an American radical presumed to have met Raqim in Saudi Arabia, are on the run. The safe house that her handlers have prepared for her has been booby trapped. Then, in a motel room, Raqim is machine-gunned to death by unknown assailants as his lady love leaps out a window and makes a getaway.

There is a subplot between Saul and Mira, the former angling to be Station Chief in New Delhi to be close to the latter. Mira, however, wants some space. This is sad news for an older man with a younger girlfriend.

After Brody passes the polygraph, Carrie stomps off into the Langley parking lot. Brody drives up in his car and tells her to get in, which she does. They drive off. Fade to black and roll credits.

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