Five Simple Christmas Floral Arrangements You Can Make Yourself

by on October 10th, 2012
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Vases and baskets overflowing with fragrant evergreens and flowers brighten the holidays – but buying them can put a strain on the budget. You don’t need to go the expense of buying holiday floral displays. Making your own is quick and easy. Armed with some floral foam and some fresh cut greenery, I decorate my home for pennies.

Oasis floral foam
Floral Picks
Christmas Ornaments/Toys
Bouquet of Inexpensive Flowers
Spray paint in Gold or Silver

Buckets of Greenery: Spray a small bucket with silver of gold paint. Sand pails, paint buckets or large coffee cans work well for this. Allow to dry thoroughly before arranging the floral display. Cut a piece of floral foam to fit the bottom of the bucket. Gather evergreen twigs – think balsam fir and pine – into the foam. Add a spray of red berries or wire a selection of cones to floral picks and add to the display. Tie up with a decorative bow and set the bucket in the corner or use it as a doorstop. Keep the water fresh and your evergreen display will last for weeks.

Red and White Carnations: Buy an inexpensive bouquet of red and white carnations to make several Christmas displays. Place floral foam in the bottom of a wicker basket – with a plastic liner, of course. Fill with an assortment of greens to create a full bouquet. Add red and white carnations, nuts and cones for quick display of Christmas color for any gathering. One bouquet of flowers can be divided for use in several displays.

Children’s Toys. Nothing evokes the spirit of Christmas quite like the sight of old-fashioned toys, such as wooden trains, Christmas soldiers and miniature sleds.You can find these for a dollar or two in your local dollar store. Gather a selection of tiny toys and wire them to floral picks. Fill a vase or container with greens and add the toys. Finish off with a decorative bow to create a rustic Christmas display.

Stockings Full of Cheer. Use old Christmas stockings for a whimsical holiday bouquet. Slide a vase or container into the stocking. Fill in around the vase with crumbled paper or aluminum foil to hold it secure. Place floral foam in the vase and add greenery, brightly colored bows, nuts and cones to create an attractive display. Hang the display over the fireplace — but make sure to check that it is hung securely.

Serving Bowls: Christmas floral displays aren’t limited to traditional vases. Using serving bowls as the base is a great way to show off that favorite bowl. Simply cut floral foam to the dimensions of the bowl – it should fit snugly – and fill with an assortment of greens. Add your favorite ornaments, ribbons and colorful flowers to create a centerpiece for the table.

Go ahead and get creative. Start with a bouquet of evergreens and add items that appeal to your sense of style. Consider snowflakes, snowmen or a miniature Santa to brighten your home and build Christmas cheer. Wired garlands add sparkle and color and come in a variety of styles from miniature stars to glistening snowflakes.

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