‘Entourage’ Spin-Off Starring Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold?

by on November 17th, 2014
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“Entourage” came to an end Sunday. The HBO show ran eight seasons and the characters became bigger than life to their fans. One character that screamed bigger than life was Ari Gold, played by Jeremy Piven.

In the series, Ari was a brash, outspoken, and powerful Hollywood super-agent who had a knack for killer one-liners. Fans of Ari Gold started websites dedicated to his unforgettable dialogue. So now that the series has ended, will they now be regulated to buying the old DVDs and reliving his over the top delivery? If the final scene has anything to do with it, they may not be waiting long.

After the credits rolled there was one last scene of the show. It was like a hidden song on a CD. The scene depicted Ari with his wife in Italy, enjoying not having to work and being back together. Suddenly the phone rings and it’s John, the head of the studio. He seems to make an offer that Ari cannot refuse: to take over for him as president of the studio. Ari seems to play it off when he got off the phone but it is evident that the thought is there.

Question is, why would HBO show us that scene? Could it be fans will get much more of Ari Gold in the form of a new show with Piven as the lead? This possibility sent Twitter into a frenzy with speculation. “Ari Gold” was even trending worldwide! Now what does Jeremy Piven have to say about this possibility? Piven was quoted on Twitter as saying “would be fun…” in response to a possible “Ari Gold” show.

So how would a show starring Piven as Ari Gold look like? Picking up where “Entourage” left off, Ari takes the job of president of the studio. Mrs. Ari follows him back because she loves him. Lloyd comes to work for the studio. And, the fans get to see all of those wonderful, profanity-laced tirades for just a little bit longer. It would be interesting to have Ari be Dana’s boss after all they went through. There could be cameos of the “Entourage” cast in this as well. The possibilities are endless.

So now Ari Gold fans must wait. Will they get a movie? Or will they hit the jackpot and get “The Gold Standard” coming next summer to HBO?

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