Adventures for Couples in the Caribbean

by on October 5th, 2015
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Couples looking for extreme adventures and sports they can participate in together need look no further than the Caribbean. The Caribbean offers many activities couples can participate in and experience together. The Caribbean offers extreme adventures such as:

Scuba Diving

There is nothing like the experience of scuba diving together. The warm waters and beautiful sandy beaches of the Caribbean bring to mind scuba diving before any other type of activity. While there are over 30 different well-known scuba areas in the Caribbean, there are several that are less tourist attractions and more on par with the scuba diving of the locals.

Antigua offers historic locations that make it ideal for diving. Explore sunken treasure ships as well as the majesty and beauty of the coral reefs. While the water is not as deep off the coast of Antigua, the coral reefs attract many varieties of sea life. Antigua is also home to the Cades Reef, one of the best-known reefs and now contained within a new underwater park. Although many tourists visit Antigua, scuba diving is not one of the more well-known activities. However, for couples willing to make the effort, there is much to see.

Montserrat is home to the previously thought of volcano that unexpectedly became active in 1996. Montserrat scuba diving allows for the viewing of damage done by the volcano. In addition, there is plenty of new growth on the ocean floor due to the high quantity of lava that was spilled into the ocean. For a primitive-type dive, take a trip to Redonda, located about ten miles from Montserrat. Because of the low population of people in the area, other divers have reported larger fish such as nurse sharks and moray eels in the pristine waters.

For a real adventure, consider scuba diving off the island of Nevis. Located in the Caribbean area of the West Indies, it is the smallest nation in both South and North America in terms of population and area. In the channel area between Nevis and St. Kitts, approximately 400 ships sank between 1493 and 1825. However, only about twelve have been identified correctly. In addition to discovering hidden wrecks, there is also a large coral reef to explore that includes a rare black coral. Couples should be sure to explore the “M.V. Talata,” a freighter that sunk in 1983 during a hurricane. It rests upright on a reef and the dazzling display from the schools of yellow tail snapper and squirrel fish that “patrol” the deck make the dive worthwhile.


For those couples who prefer snorkeling to scuba diving, the Caribbean offers some extreme snorkeling adventures. Between the months of January and March, the Silver Bank, an area of the Caribbean encompassing the Turks, Caicos and the Dominican Republic, is the area where humpback whales mate and give birth to calves.

Couples can then join the ten to twelve foot long calves and snorkel and swim with them as the huge mothers watch from below the surface. Safe, yet exciting, this is an opportunity for an adventure that is only available once per year.

For those couples craving a little more adventure in their snorkeling, the dive shops in Palm Beach in the Bahamas have just what you are looking for. Although this water adventure with sharks such as hammerheads, tiger sharks and bull sharks is more a divers trip, snorkelers are allowed to get in the water and view it from the top.


Couples wishing to get out of the water and have an extreme adventure on dry land will enjoy canyoning together. Don’t be fooled, though. Canyoning in the Caribbean is almost always a combination of both wet and dry. On the island of Dominica, volcanic rock has been cut by canyon and ends in amazing waterfalls. Those couples adventurous enough to participate in this sport get to climb and rappel major cliff sites as well as waterfalls.

The next time you and your partner long for an extreme adventure, look no further than the Caribbean.

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