$60,000 Solid Gold Aesir AE+Y Cell Phone

by on December 20th, 2014
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So, Danish company Aesir has created a $60,000 solid gold cell phone. It’s called the AE+Y. OK. Well, cell phones are practical. Gold is in a booming bull market. It’s not a bubble. It’s for real. It would stand to reason that a solid gold cell phone would be a good thing, right?

Wrong. First of all, this phone is not a smart phone. That’s right. You can’t even play Angry Birds or check your stock quotes with it. No Internet, no apps, no touch screen, no reason to own one other than to make up for your other (cough) shortcomings. The phone, other than the gold, looks like it was made in 1998. It is horribly outdated and not practical as a phone any longer. My Commodore 64 is more technologically advanced. If you are the kind of person who would buy something like this then you are the kind of person who is ruining America. You also probably enjoy hurting baby animals for fun.

Exactly why would any manufacturer make a $60,000 phone? There is only one reason. They want the publicity. It’s a genius move. I never heard of Aesir until I read about this phone. After reading about it, I wasn’t startled or stunned. No amount of excess, when it comes the the super wealthy will ever stun me. That demographic has more money than brains; most of them.

So, who will be buying this phone? My guess is people who are desperate for attention. They won’t have an actual personality or any discernible talent whatsoever so they will waste their unending money on the priciest shiny object around. They will then drive their Bentley, with spinning gold rims, around town, slowly, so everybody sees them. They are as transparent as wax paper. It’s sad.

But they have a ton of money. I wish I had a ton of money. I wouldn’t waste it on this ridiculous contraption, though. Buy more gold coins. Better investment.

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