Trick or Treating at Dulles Town Center

by on February 6th, 2011
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In northern Virginia, the temperatures took a quick dip over the weekend. Saturday produced snow, freezing rain, and icy road conditions. Sunday’s warmer temperatures allowed the ice to thaw, but today meant waking up to freezing temperatures again. Every year parents always wonder if Halloween will be warm enough for the costume their child picked or worry about piling warm layers over top their costumes, which causes fights with the children.

Dulles Town Center makes trick or treating a little easier for parents. Participating stores along the mall offer Halloween candy to children from 5-6 pm today. This brings in hundreds of kids so ensure you get there early so your child gets candy. Many stores ran out of candy within fifteen minutes last year, but it is still a great experience for everybody. It also gives parents of younger children the chance to go treat or treating without having to worry about freezing temperatures making their little ones sick.

After trick or treating is a musical show from 6-7 that focuses on learning, songs, and science. This is a great way to start off Halloween and a surefire way to stay warm. This is focused for children ages 3-12, but you will see both younger and older kids participating in the show. After trick or treating and the show, you can head home to warm temperatures and pop in a family Halloween movie. Don’t forget to ensure your porch light is off though if you don’t want to get interrupted by the kids who venture out into the frigid temperatures for some Halloween candy. Stay warm.

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