To Be Free and Young

by on March 9th, 2015
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Swirling, twirling
Boying and girling;
Grinning and spinning
With youthful glee.
Single filing and smiling
While rotary dialing;
While their broad, honest grinning
Is easy to see.
Children at play
Make the most of a day.

Unencumbered with stuff
Having fun’s quite enough;
Running and jumping
From nothing to something
A child’s life should be free
Of the tribulations and cares
That getting older never fully repairs.
I hope every parent will agree.
To be free and young
Is the best song to be sung.

To honor the small
Before into adulthood they fall
From the tree we once grew;
We denied what we knew.
The fruit that is them is hung
And is nourished by the wet drippings
Of a parent’s loving tongue.
Wiser for not knowing,
A child’s spirit
Is wondrously overflowing.

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