The Best Lip Balm for Chapped Lips

by on August 23rd, 2010
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Everyone is aware of the most popular brand of lip balm. It has been advertised for decades, but does it really work to soothe and heal chapped lips? The medicated variety is a little better than the classic formula, but it is not the best option. It creates a waterproof barrier, but this only lasts until taking a drink. It wears off, and without making much of a difference. Why use something that feels like wax when a better lip balm exists? Try the best lip balm for chapped lips instead of using an over-advertised standby. Carmex really works. Not only does it prevent a problem, but it also heals existing irritation while soothing the pain.

Carmex Lip Balm for Chapped Lips and More

When seeking the very best lip balm for chapped lips, look for Carmex in the bright yellow, red and white container. It works like a miracle to heal and soothe chapped lips, even those severely irritated and dry.

The product label claims that it soothes, heals and protects, and after comparing it to other products over the past thirty-plus years, I have never found anything better. I have even used it on irritated skin, and it immediately stopped the pain. The lip balm is not labeled for this type of use, but many people have found alternate uses.

The very best lip balm is available in five flavors; original, cherry, strawberry, lime and vanilla. I have not tried these flavors, but I plan on trying them in the very near future. Original Carmex is cooling and somewhat minty, but it is not labeled as a flavored product.

Upon visiting the Carmex website I discovered something I was unaware of. Instead of just lip balm, they offer lotion, healing cream, healing ointment, SPF-15 lip balm and moisture plus lip balm with a hint of color. Since I have used Carmex lip balm for skin issues, I plan on trying the lotion and healing cream.

Where to Find These Products and Try for Samples

Samples are available to 50 lucky people each week. Fill out this form, and maybe you will be one of 50 lucky winners. In any case, look for the best lip balm in local discount stores and drug stores, or shop for it online. It is affordable, and best of all, it really works to soothe and heal chapped lips and more.

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