Presidential 2012: Primaries Coming for Republican and Democratics

by on March 2nd, 2015
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The political parties will have to come call their memberships together soon; the intent is to focus on one candidate for election to any political office. This reduces the waste of multiples fighting it out, while the entire political party gets cut to pieces taking sides. The major election we will all be looking to will of course be the Presidential office, gaining support from the delegates of each party only a few will continue. But this was known from the beginning, what may not be understood or known is who some strategies for such are played out. The candidates are well versed and prepped by those managing their campaigns, so are those who finance the campaigns well informed and understand how to gain political offices. Together each has their own means and ideas but only a few will succeed to the end.

The political process is not a simple one; it has become more complex over time as those involved have made it such. The simple idea of offering an opinion and finding a favorable reception to such among the public has long since past. The major component of any present campaign is the money flowing through it, thus the major players are not only always looking for funds but are expected to help other raise these two. But just as important are those behind the scenes who are supplying the funds, as well as those gaining such on behave of the candidates. The funding comes not from the majority of the population but from those with disposable incomes, in many cases large disposable incomes.

Those with monetary funds to spare often support the candidates mostly aligned with the same concepts the monetary supports want to see more of. But they also supply funds to others, this due to the desire to keep all candidates interested in their needs. Not known which side is to win, they want to spread interest to as many candidates as they can, thereby keeping whoever wins interested in them. But with this comes other things as well, the ability to direct influence into a campaign allows one to control options. These can be to cut and divide the political candidates into difference aspects the public will follow, thus marketing to different political demographics. It can also means several candidates can be selected to act a “breakers”, those who you do not expect to win but will instead take so many votes from others as to let a third succeed. Diverting attention between those in lower ratings allowing a higher rated runner to get closer to being selected.

With the primaries coming up soon, it is hard to think there is not some kind of influence being used to direct how the monetary funds are being used. Those seeking such offices rarely leave the decisions of who to vote for to chance. They attempt to pressure the one candidate they want into office, well ahead of any other. The strategies have been formed for sometime now as such there may already be a decision on who is to win such primary votes. But the public is not aware of these on-goings; kept to behind the scenes such strategies would be secure. The real facts then of how and why someone is selected are for those private individuals who are allowed to enter such domains.

The primaries will undoubtedly offer us a look at who is considered a political champion and who is not. Speaking rather frankly, we know the President-elect Obama will champion the Democrats. To split on this would put a rift in the Democratic Party at a time it can not afford, there is little doubt Obama holds great power in this party. But the Republican Party has many runners; the most likely will be Romney or Ron Paul. The rest are beginning to see they simply do not have what the public or the monetary funds see as useful qualities. Yet they can keep fighting it out and offer to hold the others back, gaining nothing else but a few favors in the future.

But the reality is the monetary funds have made the decision, hiding behind the PACs and other contribution systems they have used. Although they will be forced to review who supports who, it will undoubtedly end with long battles that last way past the final elections. At such a point, how does the public gain? Only that seeking to take political control gain, the public has been offered little to choose from in many years. The results are less and less competition in politics to produce fewer advantages in society.

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