Keyword is Life

by on December 7th, 2010
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After stopping at several hotels, Clive pulled into the Motel 6. After shaking off the January cold, he walked up to the desk clerk and requested a room for one. In Clive’s mind, this would be his final night of pain on this messed up planet. The keyword being, messed up.

Why Clive chose the Motel 6 for final night, he really didn’t know. Before leaving home, he had done a Google search of hotels within a hundred mile radius; he didn’t want to kill himself in his backyard but did not want to be far away either. Clive had even goggled the keywords, “best way to kill oneself”.

After checking into the hotel, Clive unpacked his things which consisted of a suicide note and a 357 magnum and prepared to do the deed. However, as he brought the 357 magnum level with his temple, something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye, a Gideon bible. Just out of curiosity he lowered the gun and picked up the book.

Upon opening the bible he found that someone had scrawled some words inside the cover. Clive thought how disrespectful as he read the words.

“My friend inside this book are the words of life, the keyword is life, choose life. Whatever you are going through, in this book you will read about a man called Jesus who suffered more pain than you can imagine that wants to save your life. In this book is life, the keyword is life.”

Clive opened up the bible and begin reading the glorious, eternal story of Jesus. As he read, the choice he must make was clear, he must choose life.

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