JAGUARS Stun the Buccaneers and the Jacksonville Fans and for Once Have a Great Game!

by on October 12th, 2010
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I was not live at the game today but I wish I could have been. After all running back Jones- Drew had 4 touchdowns, and the Jaguars defense had 7 turnovers. Plus the team scored 41 points after starting out into the second half of the game 14-0.

If anyone thought this would happen your crazy!

The Jaguars looked like broken down team in the first quarter as the Buccaneers scored on the first drive with 10 plays and 80 yards for a touchdown. The defense of the Jaguars was looking pretty good but the Buccaneers managed to keep the Jaguars at bay till the second quarter. Than it happened the Jaguars told the world and the fans they had had enough of all the negative talk about the team!

The Jaguars made a statement today WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!

In the second quarter with a lot of second string players in the game a fumble recovery on a kick off started the Jaguars on fire like ROCKET FUEL!

As they came back from 0-14 and took the lead by half time 21-14.

This was all to real !
First of all the Jaguars highest score all year was 20 points, and the offense only had an 12 point average per game! The game even got better in the second half as the Jaguars pounded on the Buccaneers. The turnovers, and the offense just clicked together as one unit!

When it was all said and done the final score JAGUARS 41 BUCCANEERS 14 .

There really is no way to even describe this game. I watched on local TV and kicked myself for not going to this game live several times! If you where there or watched it you got a big treat!

The question for the Team however is can they do it twice in a row?

Next week on Thursday the Team faces the Falcons and the Falcons are still in the hunt for a playoff spot. The Jaguars may not be going to the playoffs but they can play spoiler for the Falcons!

To me this will be a game of interest just to see what the heck the Jaguars do next?

Will the Jaguars come out and play like they did this game or revert back to Jaguars of the old?

Will the Jaguars finally get it all together?

Will the Jaguars finish out with all wins?

I do not have a crystal ball but look forward to watching the story of the Jaguars to unfold!

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