by on October 19th, 2010
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I’m invisible as they walk on by,
Lowering their heads to shield their eyes
Can’t they see me begging right in front of their eyes?
Some wave their hands,
as if to say good-bye
I’m the plague in their eyes
Unwelcome, some may agree
“I’m hungry.”
Can’t you spare some change?”
A shake of the head
and a wave is all I receive.
Drifting on
I continue to sing the same old song
Some look as they pass by
Still no money,
But I’ll give it one more try
I beg again as people hurry along
Of course, still singing that same old song
With a lowered head
so no one could see me starting to cry.
Many have passed and looked the other way
hopelessness lay inside my heart
As I walked down the street
Begging for change with the grimmest of smiles
I wiped my eyes telling myself …..
I’ll give it one more try
J. Michel Fleury

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