How to Get Your Product in the Hands of Celebrities

by on January 2nd, 2015
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Are you a small business owner with confidence, but short on cash?

Whether you’re a mom entrepreneur that creates children’s clothing or an eco-friendly executive who sells green home accessories, here’s how to get your product in the hands of celebrities, for just the cost of postage.

Determine a list of celebrities who you think would be enthusiastic about your product. Craft a personalized letter to each celebrity, that sincerely compliments their work. Then provide a short description of your product and company, with your contact information included. Close your letter with your handwritten signature. Your letter should be placed in a mailing envelope or box, along with a sample product.

Decide on a carrier. The U.S. Post Office costs the least amount of money to ship, but UPS and FedEx are also good, but more expensive, options. Your return address must include your name, company name, e-mail address and phone number. It’s best to mail your package with delivery confirmation, to verify it’s been received.

If the celebrity is on a television show, you can visit the network’s Web site to determine the studio address. Shooting schedules are not always posted; you might be better off choosing a celebrity that appears on a live show. Most network studios are in New York City or southern California.

Many celebrities are embracing the stage via community theater and Broadway shows. In order to generate ticket sales, the production will run advertisements for weeks, often months, ahead of the performance. During rehearsals, and prior to opening night, mail your package to the celebrity at that theater’s address.

To promote an upcoming movie or project, celebrities will appear on morning talk shows. A week before the celebrity’s scheduled appearance, mail your product to that show’s address. Your package should be clearly addressed to the celebrity, so the talk show’s staff will set aside the package.

Often a celebrity can be reached at their office – for example, if he or she is a newspaper columnist, radio personality, renowned chef, fashion designer, magazine editor or politician. Some celebrities are actively involved in another business, such as a production company. You can find these business addresses online.

When it comes to opening your package, the bigger the celebrities, the more likely they will employ staff to open and sort their mail. Your product will only be passed on to the celebrity if their staff feels it will be of interest to the celebrity. Make sure your letter is brief, gracious and clearly from you – a real person who owns a small business.

Getting your product into the hands of celebrities takes time and research, but for just the cost of postage, you may gain a famous customer.

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