Host a Cookie Decorating Party – for a Fundraising Event

by on January 3rd, 2011
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A cookie decorating table is a great fundraising event to incorporate in your next festival. This was a staple at my elementary school fairs growing up. It was a simple delight for all the children and adults alike. Always one of the most popular tables with the kids going back for more cookies! It is simple to put together and run.

To run a successful cookie decorating fundraising event, you will need:

· 3-4 inch sugar cookies, either circles or assorted shapes · A variety of colored frostings with decorating tips · Toppings such as sprinkles, chocolate shavings, crushed sandwich cookies, chopped dried fruit · Paper Plates · Paper Towels · Tablecloths · Plastic cutlery · Hand sanitizer

If you have an organized group, try to get items donated either from local businesses or from members. This will help get a more successful fundraiser. A local supermarket bakery may be able to donate sugar cookies or white frosting. Volunteers could each bring a topping or paper product. Local civic group may be able to assist as well.

Price your cookies according to your area. I have done $1 a cookie successfully. Sometimes it can be priced a little more, sometimes it does need to be priced slightly less. Choose the right venue for this fundraiser. It is best to incorporate it into a larger event such as a carnival or large yard sale. This will bring an instant audience to your table.

Decorate your table in a festive manner. Have colorful, easy to wipe down tablecloths covering the table. Balloons or streamers near your table can get it noticed. Hand sanitizer should be at the end of the table so hands can be cleaned prior to decorating cookies. Toppings should either be in shakable containers or in small bowls with plastic spoons placed in the middle of the table. Some of the frosting should be in pastry bags with decorating tips, while others can be in tubs with plastic knives. Frosting also should be in the middle of the table. Have cookies and paper plates ready off to the side for distribution as individuals come up.

When a customer comes up, designate one person to collect the money for the cookie(s). Have another assist the customer to use the hand sanitizer, find seat and give the customer cookie(s). Place the cookie(s) in front of them on a paper plate along with a paper towel. Have another person or two that is assisting with the actual decorating and monitoring the frostings and toppings, trying to keep things semi-neat on the table. When the customer is done decorating, he or she can take the decorated cookie on the paper plate or enjoy it right there.

This fun, festive event is sure to be a hit!

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