Amazon Kindle Fire on Pre-order: Ipad Killer or Competitor?

by on July 20th, 2014
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The Amazon Kindle Fire is official. Rumors have floated around the tech world for several months that Amazon would eventually try to one-up it’s E-reader with a Tablet PC. The device, one would think, would be Amazon’s attempt to battle the Tablet market that has steadily stolen E-reader customers for the last year. But, can Amazon’s attempt a tablet really take down a behemoth like the iPad 2? Well, probably not, but it can easily give it a run for its money.

The Kindle Fire has one very unique aspect on its side: the Amazon experience. It comes as no surprise that Amazon is a beloved online retailer. People adore the superstore and use it more than any other online retailer on the planet. When Amazon launched the Kindle people went gaga over it, and if the past dictates the future Amazon will do well with the Kindle Fire as well.

The Kindle Fire is reported to offer 8 gigabytes of storage, a 7inch screen, and a dual core processor. The Fire will run a modified version of the Android platform that is tailored to Amazon’s most precious asset; it’s store. Owners of the fire will be able to buy and download apps, e-books, television shows, movies and Music directly from the device off of Amazon’s secure and trusted checkout. They will also have access to the plethora of Android apps that are growing daily on the Android marketplace.

The Kindle Fire does have a few drawbacks that might make a few people think twice about a purchase. The tablet does not boast a camera or 3G connectivity (although, that will likely come at a later date), and the screen is much smaller at 7inches than the iPads 10.1. In addition the 2 point touch is going to make some people quiver; the iPad 2 offers 10 point touch capabilities.

While the Kindle Fire isn’t the same powerful tablet as the iPad its draw will be the Amazon store and the legions of Kindle fans will likely jump on board and buy a Fire. In short the Amazon Kindle Fire probably won’t bring down the iPad, nothing will, but it can certainly grab up a nice portion of the tablet market with a tiny device backed by the Amazon name.

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