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Why do people stare at other people

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It could be because they like the other person, or maybe because they are just bored! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-stare-at-other-people ]
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Why do people stare at other people?
If you didnt take notice of people around you then you would keep bumping into people...
Why do people stare at me?
First, I thought some of the answers were really funny! Now to your questions, descriptions, observations. For thousands of years, people that were stronger, taller, or both - meant ONE THING; they could give strong, healthy children. This ...
Do other people stare at your chest?
Yes, my sister is 13 and she stares at my chest all the time. Im a 38DD, and one time when she was little she tried to grab them, lol.

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Why do you think we STARE at OTHER PEOPLE while DRIVING ?
Q: I always wonder what people are thinking when we stare at each other in traffic. At red lights we are always interested in what other drivers or passengers are doing, like it's some kind of game. One of us will look at the other and then quickly look away once you look back, or they will stare you down like you have a problem. Why do you think this is? " tatue, ranking, curiousness" I can't seem to put my finger on it.
A: Humans are naturally curious, especially about other humans because we are social animals. It's just a form of people-watching I guess. Also, social interactions between strangers in different cars is very different from other social interactions. People are disconnected, and we feel like when we are in our cars, we're alone. This is why you see so many people picking their noses, or staring, or singing and dancing to the radio. This is also why we don't care about cutting people off, honking at people, and giving them the middle finger.
Why do people at the gym like to stare at other?
Q: When you're at the gym, do you notice some regulars that stare at you for no apparent reason?I know I look at people (not interested in dating them) often too.Is it just a tendency of gym members to stare?
A: I think it's just natural to be curious about those around you. Sometimes it could be the other person is attractive, or a person could be curious about others' fitness levels or how they're doing certain exercises, or maybe just how they're dressed. However, I try not to sit there and stare or leer, but I too take peeks and glances here and there, especially if she's a hottie. :)
Why do people stare at each other in public?
Q: I know this sometimes has something to do with how you look, but in general, do you ever notice how some people just have to stare at you as you walk by?It seems like a defensive thing, where if I stare at you first, you can't bother me.Or I'm going stare at you because it gives me control.You can probably think of other situations.
A: Jealous of you.

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