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When your nervous can you laugh

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Nervous laughter is the body's response to embarrassment, tension and anxiety and can make the person feel worse! ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-your-nervous-can-you-laugh ]
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How to Control Nervous Laughter
Nervous laughter is the body' s response to embarrassment, tension and anxiety. It comes from the throat, and instead of relaxing the individual, actually intensifies the anxiety. The laughter...
Why do some people laugh when they're nervous?
It is really a nervous laughter. I do it at times. Instead of crying or getting very embarrassed, I laugh. Like when I get blood taken and anticipate the needle - I laugh and turn away- maybe they are thinking that if they laugh- something ...
Why Do I Laugh When I'm Nervous?
Laughter is a catharsis. There is nothing lighthearted about laughing, it's all about release. A good comedian would tell you you have to build suspense and then they will release that nervousness by laughing. Think of the word funny. Somet...

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Laugh when your nervous?
Q: I asked this question below the other day and almost everyone who answered said they laugh when they get nervous and I agree cause my friend does this too she has a hard time looking at me too. My next questions is does anyone have any ideas to help her over come her self so shes not as nervous? I like her alot and there are times I think if I make a move and kiss her it might let up some of the tension what you think?-----LAST QUESTION------"When you’re nervous...?"To the millions of people out there what are things you do when you’re nervous? More to a dating angle..
How do you deal with someone who has a nervous laugh?
Q: This person I work with has a nervous laugh. You can hear them coming a mile away. Here's a sample of a conversation:You: Hi, how was your weekend?Them: It was ok *laugh*. Didn't do too much, ya know? *laugh*You: Cool, well see you later.Them: *laugh* Ok. *laugh**Continue laughing ad nauseum.* God, it's annoying!
A: Avoid them. Because you cannot fix them. And you are going to crack one day and either say something or slap them silly.I know. Once I worked with a laugher. I finally said, "OMG, that wasn't funny. I just told you my dog died. What is wrong with you?" This caused great friction in the office until I left.Some people just need therapy.
Is it normal for me to laugh when i'm nervous?
Q: I have a problem, that when I'm nervous or scared, I laugh. And, its sorta embarassing. 'Cause it's like, an insain laughter that hurts my stomach.Is this normal?
A: Yes - there's quite a lot going on there. Your stomach is reacting to fear and embarrassment and horror and being socially exposed and shamed - and so on and so forth.You're the type of person who feels people don't you very seriously - you're not smart enough or good enough. Too bad - because you're probably smart and quite competent. And people will take you as seriously as they need to.You just have to keep practicing in social situations- keep trying - it will all slow down after a while.How nice it is to be just "one of the crowd" - to never 'stick up" or "stick out"!! It is quite a gift.

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