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What is does it mean if you have pregnant dreams

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Being pregnant in your dreams is a sign of new beginnings in your life, such as a new job or going to school. ChaCha on by calling [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-does-it-mean-if-you-have-pregnant-dreams ]
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What does it mean to dream that your pregnant??
It really depends on if you think it means... Freud believed that dreams indicate something happening in true life, so if you fear that someone is going to rape you (be it someone that happens to "creep you out" in your neighborho...
I had a dream I was pregnant. What's it mean??
It could just be the fact that you think you are pregnant playing on your mind and making you dream about it. I would do a pregnancy test to make sure, i had many dreams about being pregnant as i wanted a baby so much but they never meant i...
37 Weeks pregnant and having strange terrible dreams. What do the...?
that sounds bad... but you can relax. there are dreams that are fear release dreams. we have them so we don't have to go through them in waking life. way too intense. you are dreaming of death which, from the source below says: To dream abo...

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what does being pregnant mean in dreams?
Q: Every single night for the past few weeks i have had a dream that i am pregnant. what does this mean?
A: a dream in which you are pregnant can reflect either your desire for a child or your fear of falling pregnant if u are actually expecting a child at the time of having the dream, it is probably the way your subconscious expresses and relieves the feeling of anxiety associated with birth and looking after a baby. more symbolically, a dream of pregnancy may symbolise any new project or area of your life that is oping to change or growth. for example, it may suggest that you are about to give birth to a creative project or idea
What does it mean when you have pregnant dreams?
Q: Just so you all know yes I am still a virgin, and I want kids but i am not and dont feel ready at all. But I have these dreams about being pregnant every other week and idk if it means or will mean something..
A: nothing. it just means u've been thinking about pregnancy lately and ur brain just runs thru it wen u sleep
I keep having dreams where Im pregnant. What does this mean?
Q: I keep having dreams where Im pregnant with this one guys baby. In the dream I never actually see the baby or have any symptoms but Im just telling this guy were having a baby. I go to University with him and I find him really attractive but dont really know him although we have the same group of friends. What does my dream mean? Ive had dreams about having his baby probably fifteen times since November.
A: just be careful ....maybe God is telling u something its happen to me....serve Jesus he loves you and i will be praying for you....God bless you.

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