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What does it mean to have a dream about snow

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If skiing, sledding, or building a snowman, it means fun or relaxation. If its a negative dream it can mean left out in the cold. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-to-have-a-dream-about-snow ]
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What does it mean if you dream about snow?
To dream of snow means good luck with whatever you are doing. It is a very lucky dream unless you were eating it. Sounds like you have the luck of the angels with you. Just remember to share your good fortune as good luck begets more good l...
What does snow mean in a dream?
Your dream suggests the cousin being with you, but in a rather silently dismal situation emotionally. It is peaceful enough - but there is a forest around you, not an indication of a bright path. The snow can be seen as positive - newness, ...
What does it mean to snow in a dream?
Ok, I've studied dream interpretation for about 15 yrs. as well as hypnosis, first of all the blizzard in your dreams represents unsettled emotions, the snow falling the second time represents peace and harmony, I know that sounds contradic...

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What does it mean if you dream about snow?
Q: I used to have dreams about snow every night. It wasn't anything special about the dream, just that I would wake up and it would be snowing out and I would wake up. I dreamed of it so often that in the summer I actually thought I would wake up to snow. Anyone know what this means?I feel sort of sad and a little reminiscent when i dream of snow. I don't necessarily like it. It feels as though I'm trapped within an eternal winter.
A: symbols in dreams make up your own personal language. Howdo you feel about snow, for instance. Do you love to ski and play in it?Or do you consider it a menace? If you had that dream in the summer, it was probably a wishfuldream - desiring cooler weather. Or it could be that yourair conditioner is set to low and you were chilled.
What does it mean to dream of a snow angel?
Q: in my dream I made a snow angel after going down this hill of snow.What does that mean?Its the only part in my dram that made sense. That was the first dream.My second dream I was at this house with my Dad and my mom had already left.
A: It's hard to give an answer on a short dream without any background information. Usually dreams stem from what happens in our life within the past 24 - 48 hours.I can tell you what I think it means but without more information you will have to decide.down hill = down on your lucksnow = cold emotionsangel = guidance, support, or comfort. Also in the spiritual sense they represent good deeds and God's messengers.I think you may be feeling a little upset and in need of some guidance or support and maybe you feel the only way to get these emotions met is in the form of spirituality. (Please don't confuse spirituality with religion because they are not the same).With the additional information about your dad and mom being gone this reiterates that you need their guidance, support or comfort.
What does it mean when you dream of snow?
Q: I dreamed I woke up and the ground was covered with snow. I don't even like snow. Is there some other meaning behind this?
A: I'm not sure, but it sounds like you're ready for Christmas!Could be you heard a song on the radio or seen something on tv about snow and in your dream you used that again...Merry X-mas!

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