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What does it mean to dream with a ghost

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Ghosts ,in dreams, often represent shadowy anxieties that have to be brought into the light of reason. Keep on ChaCha'ing. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-to-dream-with-a-ghost ]
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What does it mean to dream about ghosts?
idk but your lucky cuz i wish i could do that l.o.l , naw but there is always a reason y u dream this and trust me its not a bad thing, god is problaby trying to tell you something! heres a tip every time u dream n wake up, get a lil journa...
GHOST DREAMS - Dream About Ghosts Your Ghost Dreams Meanings Expl...?
After much difficulty getting to sleep I had a disturbing dream. I was on a ghost train and went through lots of large black doors and into different rooms. Suddenly it stopped and I panicked. I awoke to hear my fiancé ... Lynne C It's an...
What Does My Ghost Dream Mean?
Dreams like those are definately common, especially when the person it at discomfort in their sleep. If you watched something scary, or ate something that isn't easy to digest before sleep, that is probably the reason for the dream. Or if s...

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What does it mean to dream of a ghost?
Q: I dreamed that a black (African-American) lady ghost was haunting my house. She was trying to, like push me with a pillow, or to suffocate me with the pillow. What does my dream mean?
A: The lady was your hidden fear. You feel guilty or remorseful for something that happened to you. You feel like smothering yourself, to save you from the embarrassment or shame you feel.
What does it mean when you dream about a ghost that looks exactly like you?
Q: I heard from my cousin that when you dream about a ghost that looked exactly like you, it means it's your dead twin haunting you. Since I'm a girl does that mean I have a dead twin sister trying to reach me? It happened at my cousin's house when she showed up. Most of my dreams happen at my cousin's house. But, is it true?
A: yes
what does it mean when you dream of ghost babies?
Q: I was walking and I saw a couple of babies then I later saw that they were ghosts. Ghost babies.
A: Do not feel judge ; but did you ever had a abortion / If no well something close to your heart is bothering you

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